Night Club Dress Code

Nightclubs, bars, pubs ai??i?? these are simply mushrooming in the country. The customers range from workaholics who follow a 24 X 7 schedule who drop in to chill out, housewives to kill time, youngsters with their never ending thirst for blast and adventure, elderly divorcees to shake out of their boredom and make a few men sit up.. The number of people who derive pleasure and company from night clubs is forever on a surge.

So, what kind of nightclub do you want to drop into? It might be anything from a casual, friendly one to one which is classy, for the dainty. Naturally, the money you shell out from your pockets varies accordingly. But heard about the dress code news yet? Well, you might find yourself denied entry into a country bar or club, for the simple reason that you are not wearing the right kind of dress which will fetch you a nod for entry. Stupefied? But it is time to wake up to the truth.

Many nightclubs have started imposing dress codes for entry into them. This of course, differs from one club to the other. Not all country nightclubs follow a uniform dress code. For instance, a popular nightclub in a metro fusses rather a lot regarding the kind of attire with which it wants to see people in it- a group of youngsters felt anything but insulted to find a restriction signal imposing a ban on jeans and trainers!!

The argument is that no matter what colour jeans you sport, denim is always denim. As for the foot-wear, trainers that are made of fabric, and not of shiny leather or leather effect plastic are not to be stepped in with.The Saddle Rack, Californiaai??i??s premier nightclub, says NO to the following outfits- baggy shirts, pants or jeans, baggy athletic jerseys, hats or caps of any kind worn backwards / sideways, beanes, bandanas, sleeveless shirts (males), tank tops (males), plain white T-shirts, T-shirts with obscene writing or graphics, flip-flops, ripped, torn or dirty sneakers or shoes.

But donai??i??t be startled. The examples are of picky nightclubs. If you have chosen a low profile, quiet site for the evening, getting through will not be as tough. Some live music venues and less ai???hepai??i?? clubs are known to relax the dress code a step down. However, supper clubs, dance clubs and cabarets watch their customers with a keener eye. You are stopped from wearing sneakers, baseball caps, jeans or any costume that is easily removable and tossed.

You will be slightly surprised to know that gender does matter a little here. Women most usually get a free entry and are generally most welcome. Men are scrutinized, since the clubs are probably almost always loaded with men already. So, gentlemen, please bring as many of your lady friends as possible along to double the chances of winning through.

Speaking about the psychology behind bans, the most usual reason for nightclubs imposing donai??i??ts on costumes is that the last thing they want to witness is an exaggeratingly dressed, guy over drunk and starting to pick up a fight.