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Aries Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

Similar sign compatibility is always interesting. Both Aries and Leo are fire signs and as a result, the match between an Aries woman and a […]

Causes of Lower Abdominal Cramps in Women

Lower abdominal cramps in women occur due to any problem which affects the female reproductive organs. Having a vagina, a cervix, fallopian tubes, ovaries and […]

Pisces Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

A combination between a Pisces woman and Scorpio man can be very interesting. On the one hand, you have a Scorpio man who is notorious […]

Inequality between Men and Women

While the term sex refers to the various biological differences between men and women, the term gender elaborates on the socially-constructed responsibilities, rights and roles […]

Leo Personality Traits for Women

If you are a Leo woman then you must know how strong yet vulnerable you are. Leo women are born from July 23 – August […]

Leo Woman and Sagittarius Man – The Love Compatibility!

So, here are the quintessential questions – do the Leo woman and Sagittarius man truly love each other and can they withstand the test of […]

Zodiac Characteristics Of A Gemini Woman

Gemini, the third sign in the zodiac, is an airy and communicative sign. Ever felt like you married one woman, but you are actually living […]

Zodiac Characteristics Of A Cancer Woman

Cancer women are known to have a very unpredictable character. A cancer woman is chirpy, somber and also has frequent mood swings. The confusing thing […]

When to take Saffron during Pregnancy?

Saffron is widely used as a spice, while there are some people who use it as a medicinal herb. It is a common knowledge that […]

Causes and Symptoms of Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

Hypothalamic amenorrhea is a medical condition which is characterized by the absence of a menstrual cycle for several months. This condition occurs due to faulty […]

Endomorph Body Type in Women

Women with endomorph body type must try to work towards burning more calories and fat directly from the cells. To achieve this task, aerobic exercises and […]

Ectomorph Body Type in Women

As women envy the skinny and tall physique of the stunning super models, ectomorph men find difficulty in gaining size and strength. Women with ectomorph […]

Mesomorph Body Type – Workout and Nutrition

One fact that can’t be denied – mesomorph’s have a good life! People with the mesomorph body types are naturally blessed – they can lose […]

Mesomorph Body Type in Women

Women who have the mesomorph body type should consider themselves to be genetically gifted. This body type is characterized by a naturally lean, compact, strong, […]

Powerful Women in History

Throughout the history of mankind, you can find the names of powerful men inscribed in golden letters. However, it is only sporadically that you encounter […]