6 Ways That Can Help You Prevent Pregnancy

prevent pregnancy

Most women spendAi?? worrying about getting pregnant half of their lives. While there are a lot of myths about how you can prevent pregnancy, there are some reliable methods that can work for you if you know the right way of following them. Some methods that usually work are listed out for you.

Here are a few ways that can help you prevent pregnancy:


Contraception is usually the best way to prevent pregnancy. However, before you start using any of those pills it is important that you consult your doctor to get a clearer idea on how you can use them and the negative effects that they can cause. Don’t neglect any side effects that your body seems to be showing because of the pills as some of them don’t react very well to them. It is important to remember that contraception cannot prevent pregnancy completely and there are 10% chances of you still getting pregnant.


Condoms are usually the best way to prevent pregnancy although there is a 15% chance of it failing. It is important to know how you should use it for effectiveness. Make sure that you buy a good brand so that it is effective and does not cause any skin reactions.

Intrauterine devices:

Intrauterine devices are of two types, hormonal and copper IUDs. Intra uterine devices are the best ways to prevent pregnancy as they have less than 1% chance of failing. They can however be painful. Some of them stay in place for almost 10 to 15 years and chances of the intra uterine devices causing any side effects is very very low.

Use the Morning After Pill in Emergency:

If you have not used any means that prevent pregnancy , use the morning after pill, also called as the plan B contraceptive after you have had unprotected sex. This pill however is extremely dangerous and can cause a lot of side effects if used regularly. So, keep in mind that preventive measures are always the best and use it only as an emergency aid.

Family Planning:

Family planning is a term used when people use their menstrual cycle to predict when they are ovulating and their by avoid getting pregnant. Sometimes, changes in the weather can also be used to predict a woman’s ovulation. This however, can only be possible with the older, more experienced women and teenagers can find it very difficult to follow this method to prevent pregnancy.

Drugs and Alcohol:

Avoid using drugs and alcohol to an extent that you lose a grip on yourself as there are a lot of chances that you could end up having unprotected sex when you are high on them. One of the best ways to prevent pregnancy is to be sure that you are conscious and use protection while having sex.

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