The Science Behind Why Women Are More Emotional

women bThrough ages, women have been thought of as being highly emotional. That is how they have been portrayed in movies and literature since ancient times and it turns out that they are very emotional, and definitely more emotional than men. The reason why women are more emotional in comparison to men is simply that they have been made that way. According to studies, they have evolved into biologically more emotional beings for, women from times immemorial have been the primary care takers of their families.

Men experience pre-natal changes which make them less emotional

The right hemisphere of the brain controls logical and analytical thinking and the left hemisphere controls intuition and emotional responses and these two, are connected by corpus callosum, which is less developed in males due to an acid flush that they experience while in their mother’s womb. In women however, it is highly developed. This makes women waver about between their left and right brains, sometimes emotions and intuition taking over logic unlike men who can completely focus on their logical thinking. This can be one explanation for why women are more emotional when compared to men.

Stress receptors in women are different from men which could explain why women are more emotional

The region that controls stress and anxiety of the brain, amygdala, communicates toAi?? hormones in women. This makes the amount of stress and anxiety that they face much greater in comparison to men whose amygdala is connected to the visual part of the brain which processes visual information. With so much stress and anxiety, women can get very emotional.

Emotional centers of the brain are much larger in women when compared to men

The parts of the brain that control emotions like the caudate nucleus, limbic system and the ventral tegmental area were found out to be three times larger in women when compared to men. This can make them experience happiness, anger, sadness and emotions like that three fold when compared to men. These changes were brought about in women as a result of evolution as women had to take care of their kids, home and had to deal with the other members of the tribe.

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