Depression in women more prevalent than in men

depression in women

Depression is one disease that is on the rise with almost 121 million people in the world and 15 million people in the US estimated to be suffering from depression. For various reasons, depression hits twice the number of women when compared to men making almost 80 million women in the world depressed. Depression in women is caused mostly due to all the hormonal changes that take place in their body.

Reasons why depression in women is more prevalent are:

Women reach puberty at an early age

According to research, women reach puberty almost 3 to 4 years before men reach puberty. The hormonal changes that occur from puberty in a woman are different from those that occur in a man and cause more women to be inflicted by depression than men.

Pre Menstrual Syndrome

A lot of women suffer from premenstrual syndrome where in women develop some physical and mental changes 2 to 3 days before the onset of menstruation. The hormonal changes that take place before menstruation have a negative effect on women make them very much prone to depression. As this happens very often women tend to get depressed more often than men.


Pregnancy can cause massive hormonal changes that can lead to major depressive episodes called as the post partum depression that requires treatment. Some women develop a kind of psychosis called as the menstrual psychosis that can lead to not just extreme depression but also to anxiety and paranoia.

Women are more emotional comparatively

Women are made to be more emotional as the emotional centre of their brain is much more developed when compared to the emotional region of a man’s brain. Women were evolved to be more emotional as they were the primary child carers of the family while men had a less developed emotional centre in their brain as they are the primary hunters of the family.

Menopause and Pre Meno pause

A few years before menopause and during menopause a woman’s body undergoes drastic hormonal changes that lead to severe depression. During and after the menopause the reason for depression in women could be the reduction in the levels of estrogen in the body.

Physical and Sexual abuse

Women are more subject to physical and sexual abuse in their teenage years and through out the rest of their lives. Most women bear with the abuse silently, suffering within themselves. This can lead to depression in women at higher rates when compared to men.

Greater work load

Women often will have to handle greater workload as they will need to balance their work at home as well as at their work place. The added workload can lead to anxiety and subsequently cause depression in women.

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