15 Reasons Why Smoking In Pregnancy Is Bad

smoking and pregnancyWhile cigarette smoking is extremely harmful to everyone, pregnant women are more at risk as smoking in pregnancy can lead to a host of problems during child birth and to the child being born. A lot of harmful chemicals like cyanide and nicotine that are released while smoking can cause a lot of harm to the fetus sometimes killing it.

Here are 15 reasons why smoking in pregnancy is really bad for you and your baby.

1.Every time you smoke, it becomes harder for the fetus to breathe which results in an increase his heartbeat to twice the regular speed.

2. It is more likely that your baby will be born prematurely and this could lead to a lot of problems related to his breathing, physical and mental growth first the first two years and later on in his life.

3. It is more likely that you will face problems like morning sickness that go with pregnancy.

4. If the fetus is sensitive to all the harmful chemicals that are released when you smoke, there is a chance of stillbirth , a term used for the fetus dying in the womb.

5. Smoking in pregnancy will make child birth very difficult increasing the amount of labor pains that you will be experiencing phenomenally.

6. Because of the various effects that smoking in pregnancy will have on your nervous system, it is more likely that you will suffer from postpartum depression.

7. The baby will be under weight as smoking in pregnancy reduces the size of the baby that will be born. Although some women would like their babies to be lighter, this can have a very negative effect on the child throughout the rest of his life.

8. Kids born to mothers who were smoking in pregnancy are more likely to develop respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis later in their life.

9. The child is at an increased risk of developing cancer later in his life as cigarette smoke contains a lot of cancer causing chemicals.

10. Smoking in pregnancy can triple the risk of your kid developing a congenital heart disease which were majorly related to obstructions in blood flowing from heart to lungs from ventricles as smoking can affect the formation of the walls of the heart.

11. Smoking can affect the development of your child’s brain leading to lesser IQ and an increased risk of developing learning disabilities.

12. Carbon monoxide that is present in cigarette smoke can reduce oxygen supply to the fetus seriously affecting the formation and development of his body parts.

13. Cigarette smoke affects the pleasure centers of your baby’s brain in such a way that the dopamine production is reduced for the rest of his life. This can cause an increased depression in your kid and there are greater chances of your kid depending on drugs and alcohol for increased dopamine production.

14. SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) is more likely to be caused in children whose mothers have the habit of smoking in pregnancy.

15. Second hand smoking can also be very risky to your baby causing almost similar effects as that of direct smoking.

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