Dress Right To Look Thinner

look thinnerThe efforts you put in to lose weight can go waste if you don’t dress up right, as some clothes make you look fat. Most actresses look thinner by picking up the clothes that can hide their not-so-skinny body parts making their bodies look proportionate.The right clothes can make you look thinner than you are by hiding the excessive flab on your body, thereby inspiring you lose more weight.Ai?? Here are some tips on dressing up to look thinner than you actually are.

Hide Your Flabbier Parts

Every woman has a unique body, while some women have fat depositing at their hands and legs, some have comparatively bigger tummies and hips. Finding out which part of your body has a tendency to get fat faster and working towards hiding these body parts is half the task done. For instance, if you have flabby hands, try to cover them up by wearing full length sleeves or cardigans to look thinner.If your body has a tendency to deposit fats in your legs, try not to wear mini skirts and shorts as it is definitely going to make you look fat.

Flaunt Your Skinnier Parts

While you hide the parts of your body that look fat, you should not forget to flaunt the skinnier parts of your body. Some women have thinner hands in comparison to the rest of their body. If you are one of them, you should prefer wearing sleeveless or short sleeved clothes. If your legs are the thinnest parts of your body, there is no point in hiding them by wearing long skirts or jeans.

Dress Up in Black Head To Toe

Dressing up in black or darker colors is known to create a visual effect that can make you look thinner. So next time you go shopping, choose colors like black, navy blue, dark green, purple and burgundy instead of the lighter shades. While you use the dark colors, try not to mix the colors with any other color and use just one color from your head to toe.

Wear Undergarments That Fit

Make sure that your under garments are tight fitting so that they give your body a defined structure. Looser undergarments can make your body look loose and flabby. Clothes tend to become loose after using them repeatedly for sometime. So make sure you buy new under garments from time to time so that they fit well and make you look thinner.

Buy The Right Bags And Shoes

Along with the right clothes, your accessories should aid in making you look thinner. Use a bag that is large. Small handbags, wallets and hand purses can make you look fat. Pick shoes with heels as flats tend to make a woman look fatter. Platform heels are safer in comparison to pointed heels and can also make you look taller and thereby thinner.

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