5 Signs of a Dysfunctional Relationship

 5 Signs of Dysfunctional Relationship

Many of us are in a relationship now but how many of us are in happy ones? When we know we are not happy, the relationship can be deemed dysfunctional, which could lead to severe emotional disturbances in both partners. If you are sensing trouble and want to rectify your problems or just end your relationship, then the following 5 signs of a dysfunctional relationship should help:

5 Signs of Dysfunctional Relationship

  1. Addictive/Obsessive Attitude:

    Obsessive attitude in a relationship is OK sometimes but, not to the extent your partner starts feeling the heat of it. Some people tend to be overly obsessive about themselves or about the partner not paying enough attention to them while others are obsessive about their partner so much that they never want to let them out of their sight.

  2. Imbalance of Power:

    Everything in a relationship is supposed to be mutual. Iai??i??m not saying you will start sharing and implementing everything on a 50-50 basis but there are certain situations in a relationship where each one must reassure the other that they are there. If it is only one person trying too hard and the other not paying much heed to it, the relationship is anything but functional.

  3. Regular Tensions:

    Tensions are part of any relationship. Some can be trivial and some may be require a lot of attention. But it is important to prioritize from both points of view as to which ones are priorities and which ones need not be.

  4. Trapped Feeling:

    There are certain relationships where a partner feels that he/she is trapped, and they wish they would not have been in such a situation in the first place. If this keeps recurring in your relationship, realize you may not be with the right person for you.

  5. Complex:

    The primary thing that one should take care of in a relationship is oneai??i??s complex. Remember, both of you are equals and everything is mutual in a relationship. One cannot consider oneself to be superior and the partner to be inferior. Once this complex begins to set in, it is definitely not a functional relationship.

The above 5 signs of dysfunctional relationship would either give you a chance of mending your issues or they are sure indicators that you better walk out on each other.

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