Leo Woman and Aries Man

Leo Woman and Aries Man

What happens when fire meets fire? According to astrology, it can make the tryst blazing hot. This is what can happen between a Leo woman and Aries man.

When an impulsive Aries meets a blazing Leo, there is an instant connection and there is a great fire that is almost impossible to extinguish. Both need to be loved and when it comes from both sides, there will always be activity in their lives. Both signs are leaders with a need to dominate, hence they need to watch out for ego problems and learn to compromise.

Traits of a Leo Woman
She is a real lioness with strong poise. She can be a gracious woman with an appealing sensuality in her persona if treated properly. If someone upsets her, she can be the most hot- tempered woman in the zodiac. She is very sentimental and when in love, she desires constant praise and appreciation to keep her spirit burning. She respects the dignity of her Aries man but never considers herself less than him.

Traits of an Aries Man
Usually impulsive, he is a very generous man and radiates loyalty and devotion. He usually loves to maintain calmness in a relationship, apart from the times when he may seem possessive and jealous. When he is in love, passion is his most dominating aspect. In a relationship, especially with a Leo woman, he respects her loyalty and provides her with the dignity she deserves while maintaining his masculine superiority.

Aries Man and Leo Woman in a Relationship

  • When in a relationship with a Leo woman, an Aries man becomes an almost completely different human being. With a Leo woman, he feels proud due to the charm she carries with her, which in turn boosts his pride whenever she is beside him. An Aries man can be patient with her occasional, egoistic behavior. In fact, both of them cancel out each otherai??i??s negative behaviors when they form a pair. Since both are fire signs, they have a lot in common and enjoy having fun together.
  • An Aries man is the right mate for the Leo woman because he likes to spoil his mate with compliments and gifts, and she loves to get spoiled. Apart from being good lovers, they can also grow to become good friends as both of them understand each other. He is authoritative and can easily gain a lionessai??i?? trust with his considerations and values. He is a jealous lover, but he is crazy about her grace and outstanding personality. With her gentleness, the lioness makes the goat give up his selfish ego to care and be tender.
  • One thing about this match is that it sets a strong example of compassion and friendship. They are a couple who can enjoy every sunrise and sunset in each otherai??i??s arms. Even if there are arguments between them, it can bring them closer together and make their love stronger. Both of these fire signs get along more physically than passionately, as their desire for passionate love is tempered with tender affection.
  • One of the things that could create problems in their relationship is ego, as both are headstrong individuals who have a desire to rule. The Aries man should also watch out for his aggressiveness and impulsiveness which can irritate the Leo woman. The Leo woman should watch out for haughtiness and arrogance which can irk her Aries guy. The biggest problem that could occur is when a Leo woman gives attention to other males around her or the Aries man garners female attention at social gatherings.

In essence, the match between a Leo woman and an Aries man is a good one. Both can go a long way if they can learn to occasionally bow down to the other.

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