Aries Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

Aries Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

Similar sign compatibility is always interesting. Both Aries and Leo are fire signs and as a result, the match between an Aries woman and a Leo man can be quite volatile. Both Aries and Leo want leadership and their desire is always to win, no matter what. Try fighting any of them, and you will be beaten down to the ground. So, let us see how these two leadership oriented people, an Aries woman and Leo man relate to one another.

Leo Man Characteristics
The lion is the king of the jungle. Naturally, a Leo man is a born leader who has leadership in his blood and looks to have the upper hand in everything, even when it comes to relationships. He is outgoing and usually has a huge fan following. He is one of a kind who is extremely sensible, honest and extremely practical. When it comes to relationships, he is passionate, loyal, romantic and very generous towards his partner. He brims with emotional, physical and mental stamina.

Aries Woman Characteristics
An Aries woman is a highly intelligent and self-determined lady, full of enthusiasm. She doesnai??i??t like to lose and sometimes likes to boast about her achievements. An Aries woman can be highly optimistic and her faith can move mountains. Yet, she carries a childlike simplicity and innocence.

Relationship between an Aries and Leo

  • There is a high level of energy in the air when a Leo meets an Aries. An Aries woman knows exactly what she wants in her partner and she finds that in her Leo man. In fact, a Leo man can literally sweep her off her feet. His romantic and generous nature appeals to the Aries woman and her intelligence and adventurous mind impresses her Leo man. There may sometimes be friction, such as her ruthless comments hurting his ego and her selfishness giving him a shock. However, his wisdom is enough to get her back to normality. As long as her Leo partner can respect and honor her, she doesnai??i??t mind worshipping him.
  • A Leo manai??i??s presence makes an Aries woman feel like a delicate girl. His dominating character brings out her feminine nature which she never knew herself. A Leo man is one partner to whom she is willing to surrender completely, which is something she doesnai??i??t do for any other man.
  • When there is a pair like this, they can never get bored as both of them have dynamic personalities. When both people are in love with each other, they create a fire which is warm and gives them a sense of oneness. The vibes given by both of them are very powerful. Intimacy between them is fulfilling as each of them gives the other what they want. There is a very strong emotional bond between both of them.
  • Both of these people have a need to be independent and leaders. The charisma and strength of the lion is something the Aries woman may like, but may hate his need to always dominate. On the other hand, the goatai??i??s courage and innocence may impress the Leo partner, but he may loathe her impulsiveness and aggressive actions. Both have massive egos which both should be careful of.
  • Normally, they must try not to interfere in each othersai??i?? affairs, but instead try to live their lives. Sounds sweet? But wait, it also has another side to it. They may look happy, but there may be a small concern about their image in society. Aries can live her life without being bothered, but what she does in public may cause concern to the Leo, who is very conscious about his public image.

In a nutshell, the relationship between an Aries woman and Leo man can be One of the best matches in the zodiac and has all the potential to be a long lasting relationship.

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