Inequality between Men and Women

While the term sex refers to the various biological differences between men and women, the term gender elaborates on the socially-constructed responsibilities, rights and roles which societies and communities consider as appropriate for males and females.
Inequality between men and women is still witnessed in different walks of life. We all are born as male or female, although becoming, boys, girls, men and women are something which we gradually learn from our immediate families and societies.

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Inequality between Men and Women

The Concept of Gender

The set of notions and assumptions, that we create due to our biological differences between male and female, is what forms gender identities. On a sad note, this leads to gender-based discrimination which we women have to face in our day-to-day life. One must be aware of the fact that gender is actually a fluid concept as we are a part of the social construction. This concept not only changes over time, but also changes from one culture to a different culture as well as among the various groups present within one culture.

Hence, power imbalances, inequities and gender roles are not the natural outcome of biological differences. On the contrary, these are determined by the cultures and the systems we inhabit. To put it simply, one can easily address and lead to changing these gender roles and responsibilities by courageously challenging the existing status quo. Also, one can attain this by seeking social change and acceptance.

Eradication of Gender- discrimination

Despite the continuous efforts at local, national and even international platforms, girls and women still face discrimination in their daily existence. It is not a new phenomenon as gender-based inequalities and discrimination violate the basic human rights of both men and women. Also, this affects the overall well-being of children.

If one understands the importance of gender-discrimination, then he or she is not only better prepared to help children and women realize their basic human rights, but even to better understand several other types of inequalities. These other types of inequalities are based on class, race or age. Hence, it is quite important to eradicate the concept of gender-discrimination form its roots!

It is a shocking fact that inequality between men and women still exists in our world as it is seen in every walk of life. One canai??i??t deny its presence. Hence, it is important to identify such cases and curb them forever!

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