Leo Personality Traits for Women

Leo Woman Personality Traits - The Ultimate Diva!
If you are a Leo woman then you must know how strong yet vulnerable you are. Leo women are born from July 23 ai??i?? August 22.

It is a well-known fact that the lioness is warm-hearted and can make an excellent mother and spouse. The only drawback is her inclination toward despondency. If she can overcome it, then there is simply no end to her talents.

The lioness inspires hope to all who know her. For this reason, she is a member of the clergy and a skillful nurse. Nature wise, she is fiercely independent and completely resents being ordered and controlled by others. Her keen sense of judgment and understanding help her in many avenues. She does well in challenging leadership roles.

The Lioness ai??i?? Queen of the Jungle!

Women born under this sign can readily adapt themselves to a range of challenges and situations when compared with women of any other sun sign. Leo women love to plan their work, but fail to execute the details involved in the planning. Similar to the lion, which symbolizes Leo, these women are very fond of ease, warmth, and luxury.

But donai??i??t be mistaken by these attributes. They are not lazy, but their actions are usually dictated by inspiration or their moods. However, when required, the fierce lioness displays great courage and unbound fortitude while doing what they need to do effectively and promptly. Another well-known trait of the lioness is that they are very secretive. They are excellent at maintaining a poker face, so others fail to know their true intentions and thoughts. They respect and follow law and authority. However, being a fire sign, they must keep their temper under check so that they donai??i??t become law offenders.

Women born under this sign canai??i??t bear the thought of neglect by the men they adore and love. Their ultimate motto in life is ai???Love me or I die.ai??i?? Care should be taken against hasty marriages. It is advisable, in most cases, that they take time and wait until they are comfortably settled in their life before exchanging marriage vows with someone of equal intellectual and social standing.

Leo women love their family truly. While bringing up their children, these women do not seek advice from others. Instead they use their own wisdom and sense. They are tender and gentle with their children and display ferocity toward people who try to cause any grief to their children.

Leo women are a combination of talent, strength, wit, and intelligence, which is infused with feminine charm. This quality which they possess makes them simply irresistible! They easily fall prey to flattery as they tend to do anything if someone succeeds in flattering them. A man should never ask her to quit her job and give up on her career after marriage.

Being a fire sign, these women are enthusiastic and lively, but can be headstrong and stubborn. They tend to be great romantics as they possess a sense of drama and creativity. They simply love to love others and be loved in return. It is very easy to recognize a Leo when you meet one, as their dynamic personalities always leave a lasting impression in your mind.

Leo women can simply attract menai??i??s attention as they are extremely popular among the opposite sex. They love to receive compliments and attention from men. Hence, there can be plenty of reasons to be jealous of a man who loves a Leo woman. Keep in mind that the flattery and attention assures her that she is attractive. She will always be loyal to her man and love him forever.

Remember that if you are a Leo woman, then there is a reason to rejoice because the world is your oyster! Be the ferocious diva, but remember humility and gratitude will make you the ultimate Leo woman.

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