Zodiac Characteristics Of A Gemini Woman

Zodiac Characteristics Of A Gemini Woman
Gemini, the third sign in the zodiac, is an airy and communicative sign. Ever felt like you married one woman, but you are actually living with two different women? Well, though not quite literally, a
Gemini woman trait, itai??i??s all about dual personality. Following are some important characteristics of a Gemini woman which can help you understand her better:

Gemini woman traits

  • Dual nature:

    This makes her show two opposite personalities at two different points of time. If you are with a girl with this zodiac sign, your major task will be to get her committed to something. This may sometimes irritate you. Her dual nature may cause you utmost frustration at times.

  • A Geminiai??i??s mind keeps wandering. It just doesnai??i??t settle at one place. Accordingly, she loves to travel jumping from here to there in search of new experiences. This may sometimes create a problem for her since she may often lose focus of the actual destination. However, as she becomes more mature, she tends to become clearer about her life orientation.
  • A girl born under this zodiac sign is full of passion. In her youth, she doesnai??i??t tend to be in any relationship or commitment. This doesnai??i??t mean that a Gemini girl is not romantic at all. In fact for her, love is the easiest way in which she can communicate. Commitment is however a different subject for her.
  • Rational:

    This tendency can make her highly intelligent, quick-minded and a versatile person. But it can also make her mentally fatigued, dispersed and nervous. Even as she matures, she likes to be like a child at heart.

  • If you are with a Gemini woman, donai??i??t ever expect to get bored. She knows how to keep the romance alive in a relationship. She also knows how to shower you with her charms in new ways. She may act as a wise woman having a very intellectual conversation with you at one point of time and may act as an immature girl the next moment.
  • One thing you should also know about her is that she will never be clingingA? on to you. She can look at other guys even if she loves you very much. Why? Change is simply her nature. Just make sure that you keep her interested and she will be all yours. Having said that, she will never be suspicious about you and will expect the same thing in return. She will also respect your individuality and will expect the same out of you.

So, now that you know the typical Gemini woman traits, donai??i??t get too worked up if your wife or girlfriend acts as two different people. She is just a Gemini.

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