Zodiac Characteristics Of A Cancer Woman

Cancer women are known to have a very unpredictable character. A cancer woman is chirpy, somber and also has frequent mood swings. The confusing thing is that most of her basic traits her hidden behind a shell.

Cancer women traits:
Their traits involve being intuitive, caring, sensitive and emotional among others. Following are some more characteristics you probably didnai??i??t know about cancer women.

Cancer women characteristics

Zodiac Characteristics Of A Cancer Woman

Romantic and sincere:

  • When it comes to romance, a cancer woman is completely devoted to her partner. Though she never makes the first move in a relationship, she takes the relationship very seriously once she is in it and is extremely loyal to her lover. Adultery is not in her dictionary.
  • She enjoys everything about home as family is her first priority. She knows exactly how to make her partner feel comfortable and secure. She is loving, kind, intimate, gentle but not necessarily soft. She is also intuitive about her partnerai??i??s feelings and knows how to best support him.


  • A cancer girl doesnai??i??t expect to look like a million dollars, but definitely expects you to appreciate her. She is concerned more about your attention and appreciation. Cancer women do not take well to ignorance or criticism.
  • She can get hurt very easily and can even cry like a small baby and may even go deeper into her shell. She needs to be frequently told that you love her and need her. Make sure you pamper her like a child when she is feeling low.
  • At the same, donai??i??t mistake her to be weak and helpless. She is perfectly capable of taking care of herself and when you need emotional strength, she can stand by your side as strong as a rock.
  • Cancer women love to cook, and she is excellent at it. Donai??i??t be surprised if she cooks better than a 5-star restaurant chef.


  • A Cancer woman is neither extravagant nor stingy with her spending habits. She loves to save a lot of whatever is usable like money or sometimes even a sweater which her grandmother knitted due to its sentimental value.
  • She has frequent mood swings but it wonai??i??t be difficult to deal with them as you will love her for everything else. Apart from her being romantic, she is also humorous and warm.
  • She needs you but she is not needy. She perfectly knows that her love will make you come back to her.

So the next time you find a girl who is a bit chirpy and humorous while still hugging people when they are feeling low, just know that it is one of the cancer women traits.

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