Ectomorph Body Type in Women

Ectomorph Body Type in Women

As women envy the skinny and tall physique of the stunning super models, ectomorph men find difficulty in gaining size and strength. Women with ectomorph body types are slightly muscled individuals and genetically thin.

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They typically have the build of long distance runners. Also, they have trouble while trying to gain muscle mass.

Women who are blessed with this body type are considered to be the most lucky and fortunate when it comes to maintaining their figure. The natural petite body of these women canai??i??t build muscles or gain weight unlike other body types. However, the ectomorph body type in women has its own disadvantage. The narrow and straight appearance of their bodies strongly opposes the more feminine, voluptuous and curvaceous body shape which they seek.

Female Ectomorph Body Type

This body type is categorized as being relatively thin and slim. The other features which define a female ectomorph body type include a delicate, flat chested, small shouldered body with a lean physique and a fragile shape. An ectomorph female usually struggles to gain muscle mass and irrespective of how much they eat, they never appear to gain weight; even if there is a possibility of having unhealthy high body fat percentage.

Ectomorph Body Type in Women

Women with ectomorph body types have delicate and small bones. They have less muscle definition. Typically, these females are long and lean as well as straight up and down. This body type is also referred to as a ruler body shape. A girl with this body type will look attractive, although ectomorphic men may struggle with gaining strength and size and appear fragile.

Traits of Women with Ectomorph Body Type

They struggle to gain muscle mass, a strict eating and hard work regime can help women with this body type to gain muscle and tone. The typical traits of this body type include:

  • Difficulty gaining weight
  • Thin
  • Fast metabolism
  • Flat chested
  • Small shoulders
  • Delicate and small bone structure

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