Mesomorph Body Type in Women

Women who have the mesomorph body type should consider themselves to be genetically gifted. This body type is characterized by a naturally lean, compact, strong, and athletic body. Also, they have excellent posture. Most often their shoulders tend to be wider than their hips. These women usually have an hourglass figure.

People who have a mesomorph body type are born athletes, and without any external attempt, they tend to be muscular and lean. Women are usually described as medium build. All of the worldai??i??s leading bodybuilders, figure skaters, and tennis players fall into this category. Read on to find out more about the mesomorph body type.

Characteristics of Mesomorph Body Type

Mesomorph Body Type in Women

  • Responds quickly to exercise
  • Loses fat effortlessly
  • Gains muscles effortlessly
  • Efficient metabolism
  • Defined hourglass figure
  • Square/broad shoulders
  • Tends to be wider at the shoulders when compared with the hips – the chest dominates over the abdominal area
  • Medium sized bones/joints
  • Naturally strong
  • Naturally muscular
  • Naturally lean

Famous Personalities with Mesomorphic Characteristics

The famous women personalties who flaunt an hourglass figure include Halle Berry, Gloria Estefan, Yasmin le Bon, Madonna, Anna Kournikova, Gabrielle Reese, Angela Bassett, Jennifer Garner, Jerry Hall, Tina Turner and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Advantage of Mesomorph Body Type

It is a boon to have such a body type due to the fact that one is blessed with great foundations to build on. Women with this body type don’t have to fret and worry about what they eat as they can lose weight and gain muscle mass fairly quickly with less efforts than others.

This combination allows the women with a mesomorph body type to achieve a sculpted body. But donai??i??t feel sad if you are not blessed with this body type as most of us have a combination of at least two body types. Hence, you might possess some of the enviable mesomorphic qualities!

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