Powerful Women in History

Throughout the history of mankind, you can find the names of powerful men inscribed in golden letters. However, it is only sporadically that you encounter names of powerful women in history.

Some of these women actually shaped the future of the world in which we are currently living. Read on to learn more about these powerful women in history who dared to create Ai??their own place in society.

Women of Substance in History

powerful women in history

    • Long before the beautiful queen Cleopatra regained over Egypt, another woman of substance held the reins of authority and power ai??i?? Queen Hatshepsut. She is renowned primarily for the beautiful temple built in her honor.
    • Cleopatra is considered the most beautiful ruler in history. She was the last Pharaoh of Egypt. She was also the last member of the Ptolemy dynasty, who were the rulers of Egypt. When she had power and authority over Egypt, she had a romantic liaison with the Great Roman rulers Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony.
    • Thedora (527-548) was the empress of Byzantium, who was renowned as the most powerful and influential woman to rule in the empireai??i??s history.
  • Empress Suiko was the first ruler of Japan, whose name was inscribed in the history of empresses who ruled the Land of the Rising Sun. During her ruling, Buddhism was promoted on a large scale. Also, the Korean and Chinese influence increased exponentially and the nation adopted a 17-article constitution.Powerful women in history
  • Elenor, the Queen of Aquitaine , ruled in her own right. She famously served as a substitute for her husbands (she first married the King of France and then the King of England) when they were out of their respective countries. She maintained quite the interesting life!
  • Queen Elizabeth I of England is still considered to be the most fascinating and powerful women in history. She successfully ruled the country when her predecessor, Matilda, failed to secure the throne and rule. Yet the question remains whether this was a result of her engaging and powerful personality, or if the times were just changing.

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