How to Say ai???NOai??? to Sex with Your Boyfriend

When you are in a relationship, getting physical is quite inevitable. In fact, it is very good to be physical, but having sex is a very huge step. Things might get very complicated once you have sex with your boyfriend. If you love your sweetheart but do not want to have sex, at least for the moment, you can always say ai???NOai??? to him. Here are a few ways to say ai???Noai??? to sex with your boyfriend.

If you are not ready to have sex, you can politely say ai???noai??? to him in the following ways:

  • Make things clear to him. Tell him politely that you are not ready for it and you do not want to have sex.
  • While you are making out, if he still continues to press on it, do not melt at that moment. Ai??Stop kissing right there and change the subject. Emphasize your words with your actions.
  • When he raises objections, be well-prepared to answer his question. Stick to your feelings.
  • Calmly explain him your reason for choosing abstinence. Give him your reasons and share your inhibitions with him.
  • If you have had sex before with another person, you cannot be bullied into having sex now. It is your personal choice, and no person on this planet can influence that decision of yours. Make things clear with him that just because you have had it before, you are not going to do it now.
  • Be honest with the way you feel about your boyfriend. If you still think that the relationship needs to grow, you do not find yourself close enough to him, or another reason, make him understand that.
  • Be very firm when you say ai???NOai??i??. Even if you are not sure if you want to or do not want to, do not let him know. When he gets wind of it, he will consistently press you to have sex. Say ai???noai??? repeatedly.
  • Do not cover it up by kissing him more or giving other gestures. It is just going to confuse him. Your message has to be ai???NOai???. Do not feel guilty about it and try to cover things up.
  • If your boyfriend forces himself onto you, yell ai???no!ai??? Push him away and leave. You can always talk about it the next day.
  • Do not succumb to the ai???puppy-eye lookai??i?? or ai???if your love me, you better prove it to meai??i?? lines. Sex is definitely not the ultimate way to prove your love. Just because you say ai???noai??? to sex, it does not mean that you have failed to show your feelings.


  • The only effective way to avoid pregnancy is abstinence.
  • Saying ai???Noai??? to sex is the only guaranteed way that you wonai??i??t catch any STD (sexually transmitted disease).
  • If you had sex once with your boyfriend, you are in no way under the obligation of doing it again and again.
  • Being a virgin is good, so take pride in saying ai???NOai???. Save it for the right one.
  • Sex is a big thing, and it is perfectly acceptable to being firm about not having it.
  • Kissing is okay, and just because you started with the initial stuff, you do not have to go overboard and do it.
  • Intimacy takes various forms, and intercourse is definitely not the only way to show your actual depth of feelings.

You have the right to say ai???NOai??? to sex with your boyfriend. If he respects your decision, it is definitely worth the wait.

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