Top 50 Secrets about Girls Guys Should Know

For ages, guys always thought that girls are the most complicated creatures on this planet. Well, boys, maybe you got that right in a way. Maybe it is difficult to sum up a girl, but do you know your woman well? Every girl has a secret. There are a few secrets that the entire ai???girl-clanai??i?? possess that most guys fail to even notice. Here are a few secrets about girls that this author thinks guys should know.


Top 50 Secrets about Girls Guys Should Know

  • Do not lie to a girl. If you do, she will know it.
  • Girls do not really enjoy talking dirty as much as you boys enjoy listening.
  • Never ever tell a girl you understand when you actually donai??i??t.
  • You have never experienced PMS, so you better not act like you understand and know what it is like.
  • Yes, girls are lovely and pretty, but you have the prettiest of the lot! Do not forget that.
  • Sweet and cute sayings might get you off the hook, but what can actually get you off the hook is those sweet doings.
  • When you say you have got a huge one, girls know you donai??i??t.
  • Well, size matters only for girls who are not looking for serious relationships.
  • Girls do not necessarily like it when you boss around and act like Mr. Big, but they just allow you to.
  • Your ex-girlfriend will still remain to be a hoe, irrespective of what you have got to say.
  • At times, a little sensitivity can help.
  • Apologize even if you do or donai??i??t do anything wrong.
  • A movie or a bland dinner will not always please her. Be spontaneous for a change.
  • Girls are naturally born self-conscious.
  • Girls love being the agony aunts.
  • Do not beg a girl to give head. If you are super nice, you might just get one.
  • Girls do not give a damn about cars, sports or any other guy talk.
  • They love getting hugs and kisses as often as possible.
  • Girls do not need to shave their legs every single day! Move on.
  • If you make a bet on a girl, she can easily find out.
  • Girls just do not find it cool when you fart, burp or any other weird smelling gas that you emit from your body.
  • Never compare your girlai??i??s boobs to another womanai??i??s. Every boob is unique and pretty in its own way. Do not fall for the fake ones and appreciate the natural ones.
  • At any given point of time, girls are beautiful.
  • Girls will always think that they are fat, so stop making fun and make them feel sexy.
  • When you can score a goal, shoot hoops and knock big guys, so canai??i??t you pee in the toilet and not on it?
  • Girls are always right, so do not waste your time arguing over it.
  • They just do not like being referred to as ai???sexyai??? or ai???hotai???. ai???Beautifulai??? always works.
  • It is more about the guyai??i??s personality than his looks or size.
  • Until and unless they want some comfort from you, they will not cry in front of you. Not all girls are cry babies.
  • Just like you, girls are shy about relationships too.
  • They flirt only to check if you are interested, and they never like admitting it.
  • Every girl thinks that men are born ******** and are only interested in getting into her pants.
  • Every girl has one particular nickname that she likes being called.
  • They just hate it when a guy talks perverted stuff.
  • Every girl likes being treated special.
  • Girls share everything and anything with their best friends. Make sure you mention it to them to not discuss a particular thing with her friend.
  • A girl likes it when her guy pulls her close by her waist.
  • When a girl is super mean and sharp with her tongue, it means she is super attracted to you.
  • When you share something special and sentimental, she will never forget it.
  • Girls can easily get embarrassed, and it is very difficult to classify what they can get embarrassed about.
  • They might not show it, but most girls day dream about their guys for hours and hours together.
  • When she is upset, all that she wants you to do is listen. The fixing part can come later.
  • If a girl cooks for you, it means you mean a lot to her.
  • It is ok for her to flirt with other boys, but it is not ok if you to flirt with other girls.
  • Never show up at a girlai??i??s place without calling her up before. This is one surprise that might not be appealing for her.
  • Never cheat on her. She will literally hate you for that.
  • Act possessive at times, she will like it. Dramatic statements like ai???if that loser is going to look at you again, I swear I am going to break his jawai??i??. She will find it very appealing.
  • Most of the girls get scared about losing their independence to a guy.
  • Girls just love it when you ask them for advice.
  • When a girl trusts you, you are given some privilege to control things. If you mess it up, you can never win her trust back.

These are the top 50 secrets about girls that guys should know. Make sure you remember these golden secrets. Ai??It might come in handy .

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