Top 25 Best Compliments for Men

If you think itai??i??s just women who go pink when bestowed with compliments, you might have to re-think that. Men love compliments too! It can totally lift him up to cloud nine because he knows getting a compliment from a woman is very rare; and when it does, it sure is special. As As a woman, it is quite obvious to expect and get compliments, but there is no harm in making your man feel a little special.Ai?? Be it while flirting or hitting on someone, here are a few best compliments for men that you can use.

Top 25 Sexy Compliments for Men

Here is a list of a few compliments that you can use on men:

  1. Wow! I like your beard, it totally suits you, and in a way, it is turning me on.
  2. This color looks good on you. You should wear this color more often.
  3. Does the word ai???impossibleai??? exist in your dictionary?
  4. Is there any jar that you cannot open? Thank you.
  5. You are way hotter and sexier than your Facebook profile picture.
  6. Honestly, I think you are much sexier than my favorite star ai???Gerard Butlerai??i??.
  7. It takes Jack Bauer about 24 hours to get it done, I think, you are capable of doing it in just 15.
  8. You sure that you are not adopted? If I did not know any better, I would say your mother was a Black Widow and probably your dad was the rock solid Iron Man.
  9. You can fix anything: the cell phone, remote, and my pants.
  10. You smell like a sexy lumberjack who just spent his time beating the shit out of a log.
  11. What are you, a centaur?
  12. You should become a NASCAR driver. You will make a super hot driver.
  13. You are my night-light.
  14. Xbox is a sport, and you are my champion.
  15. Ai?? You sure you have got a permit? Well, those guns seem to be loaded.
  16. Your kisses taste like whiskey and steak, and I like it.
  17. That orgasm you just gave me made me scream in Spanish. I donai??i??t even know Spanish!
  18. Going by the way you treat kids, Iai??i??m sure you will make a super awesome dad sometime in the near future.
  19. Your biceps are amazing. Do you work out 24/7?
  20. I never met a man like you. You are way different from the other men I have met. Iai??i??m liking it.
  21. No man on this planet has ever understood me the way you do.
  22. Iai??i??m beginning to get addicted to your smile.
  23. I like your smile, I like your style, and I definitely like your moves.
  24. Iai??i??m glad I bumped into you.
  25. Your eyes are very intriguing. I think I can get lost in them forever.

The next time you are falling short of words, you can make use of these best compliments for men. However, the thing about compliments is that the more natural and spontaneous they are, the more impressive they would be. So be at your flirty, charming, witty best.

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