Top 9 Early Signs of Pregnancy

If you are aware of all of your bodyai??i??s rhythms, it might be possible to suspect that you are pregnant right after you conceive. However, most women do not even notice the early signs of pregnancy until the fertilized egg attaches to their wombs or the uterus wall. This usually happens within 10 days of the conception and a few women might become aware of their pregnant state only after missing a period! You can know if you are pregnant by keeping tab of the early signs of pregnancy.

The Top 9 Signs of Pregnancy

Here are a few basic signs of pregnancy. You might experience all of them or just a few:

1. Tingling, Prickling Nipples:

Within a week of your conception, you might feel a tingling sensation near the nipple area. This is because the pregnancy hormones will increase the supply of blood to the breasts, especially near the nipples area. However, as your body gets used to the sudden hormone surge, the prickling tingling sensation will eventually subside.

2. Cramping and Spotting:

A very common symptom of pregnancy is spotting. You might find a slight brown or pink colored stain while you urinate, and you may experience some cramping. In early pregnancy, spotting may be due to the egg implantation in the uterus and, during your period time, you might experience a little bleeding due to the changes in hormones that control your menstruation.

3. Feeling Sick:

A few lucky women do not experience this symptom of morning sickness, which is one of the common signs of pregnancy. This usually starts when you are 4-6 weeks pregnant. You might feel queasy, nauseous and can even vomit. However, morning sickness can occur at any time of the day.

4. .Swollen and Tender Breasts:

From your sixth week of pregnancy, you might realize that your breasts become tender and sensitive to touch. For some people, your breasts feel as they do before a period, but in this case, they might feel more sensitive. You may notice that your breasts become swollen and larger and, you might also observe blue veins which are visible right below your skin.

5. Fatigue:

Most of the women feel very tired during their first and third trimesters. However, fatigue is not really a sure-shot sign of pregnancy.

6. Urinating Frequently:

From six weeks of pregnancy, you might notice that you visit the bathroom more often than you normally do. Your kidneys are forced to work extra hard because of a combination of increased blood in your system and pregnancy hormones. However, while urinating if you experience a burning sensation or pain, it could also be due to a urinary tract infection.

7. Dark Nipples:

During pregnancy, skin changes are very common. One of the early signs could be that the skin around your nipples might get a little darker than before. This usually happens after eight weeks of pregnancy. At times, the nipples might become more erect and pronounced, and you may find a few bumps around the nipple. During this time, your vagina might change into a purplish red or into a deeper color.

8. Change in Taste:

. A basic sign of pregnancy is food cravings and you might find yourself craving for certain foods. However, during this period, a few women cannot stand the taste of the food that they usually like.

9. Missed Period:

One of the sure signs of pregnancy is a missed period. If you usually have regular periods and your period does not start on time, you can consider taking a pregnancy test. However, if you have always had irregular periods, and you miss a period, you need to look at the other symptoms of pregnancy like having tender breasts or feeling nauseated.

Pregnancy Test:

Taking a home pregnancy test is definitely the ultimate proof of being pregnant. Most of the home tests available will give a very reliable result, provided you wait at least until the first day of your missed period. If you observe a blue line on your test window, you probably will be expecting. If you experience at least half of the early signs of pregnancy, it is very likely that you might be pregnant.Ai?? Book a visit to your doctor or midwife and confirm the news.

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