Taurus Woman Characteristics

The second sign in the Zodiac chart is the Taurus sign, which is symbolized by the fierce ai???Bull.ai??? Taureans are considered to be very compassionate, dependable, reliable, loyal, and both emotionally and physically very strong. A Taurus woman can be neatly described as reliable, artistic, loving, gentle, attentive, patient, and very calm. She is deeply sensual and, at times, an introvert. She has considerable emotional and moral courage. She is very practical and very loyal to her close friends and would stick by them through thick and thin.

The Basic Characteristics of a Taurus Woman

Here are a few simple Taurus woman characteristics:

Physical Appearance:
A Taurean woman is certainly blessed with a fascinating and charming personality. Thanks to her charming and magnetic personality, she usually becomes the center of attention at any party. A typical Taurus woman has a very round body with a broad forehead and thick neck. She has bright eyes, a beautiful complexion, broad shoulders, dark hair, and well-developed and toned muscles. She is good with appearances and has a very friendly and nice way of communicating. She is very careful and particular about the way she looks, be it her hairstyle, makeup, or clothing; she makes a conscious effort to look presentable.

Basic Nature:
She is very calm and composed by nature. She has an amazing ability to handle stress. She is strong willed and has emotional and moral courage. She is very dependable and faithful and can handle any serious problem with ease. With immense patience, a Taurus woman can handle any kind of hardship.

Most Taurus women have good health. They are not really sensitive to pain. However, if they fall ill, the recovery is very slow. This is because they are not very cooperative with the doctors and tend to be very stubborn. They often suffer from diseases of the lower abdomen, like constipation and diphtheria or throat infections, like tonsillitis, colds, etc. They also may have pimples and sore eyes. In order to maintain good health and fitness, they should try to avoid consuming cold things and at the same time increase green vegetable intake.

The best suitable job for a Taurus woman would be something that involves a lot of social interaction. One of the disappointing Taurus women characteristics is that most of them lack originality and are poor at initiating things. But, they are amazing at following othersai??i?? ideas. They have wonderful organizational skills, which makes them suitable to work in the fields of finance and politics. They can also be excellent gardeners, photographers, and artists.

Love and Relationships:
When in love, a Taurus woman can be very romantic, and she is perfectly capable of developing a very strong emotional bond. They make for a very caring, loving, and absolutely romantic partner, but their jealousy can totally spoil their relationships. Taurean women are wonderfully compatible with Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, and Pisces.

A Taurus woman is very choosy about her partner and can take a very long time just to zero in on one person. But once she gets married, she is perfectly capable of being a very devoted, loving, and ideal wife. She makes for a good homemaker and an amazing cook.

Negative Characteristics:
Most of the Taurus women are very possessive and particular about most of their belongings. They are very lazy and prefer living life as simply and easily as possible. They are very stubborn and can lose golden opportunities due to their attitude. Because of their love for food, they can easily put on weight.

All-in-all, a Taurus woman is loyal, beautiful, and romantic. She makes for an ideal friend, a caring mother, and a very romantic lover. The most exciting Taurus woman characteristic is that, with her pleasant and dynamic existence, she can make anybodyai??i??s life bright and wonderful.

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