How to Ease Rib Pain During Pregnancy

A very unpleasant and troubling side effect during pregnancy is rib pain. As your baby grows in your womb, your uterus will expand, thereby causing pain in the ribs. The pain is caused because of the strain on the intercostals muscles, which are present right in between the ribs. For a few pregnant women, rib pain can make breathing very painful and movement very difficult. However, with a few simple tips, you can ease your rib pain during pregnancy.

Tips for Easing Rib Pain During Pregnancy:

Firstly, consult your doctor and take down the prescribed medicines for relieving rib pain. During pregnancy, taking Tylenol is usually considered to be safe option. There are a number of medicines available for rib pain, consult your doctor as to which particular medicine is safe for you to take. Follow your doctorai??i??s instructions, as it will help you ease your rib pain.

When you are sitting in a chair, make sure that you sit upright. Once you settle yourself, place a tiny pillow right the small of your back so that you create an arch. This position will help in breathing easily, and at the same time, helps in taking some pressure off your painful ribs. While you are sitting, you will know which position suits you the best. For a few pregnant women, they might need a much bigger arch than the rest.

Where ever you experience more pain, take a chilled gel pack or even a bag of ice and place it on your ribs. If you have pain on either sides of your rib, then you can place an ice pack on both the sides. However, place a cloth between the skin and the ice, so that it can be comfortable for you. The best part about a bump is that, you do not have to hold your ice packs!

Once you have the ice pack placed over your ribs, raise your arms slowly and gently over your head. This exercise will help in easing pressure on your ribs by expanding the uterus. You can follow this procedure a few times throughout the day. You can keep the ice pack on for a minimum of 15 minutes. The moment you sense pain in the ribs, simply follow this simple procedure.

At times, by sleeping on the painful side of the rib, you might find a little ease from your rib pain.

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