Top 5 Pranks to Pull on Friends

In most of high schools, pranks are considered to be a ritual! In general, pranks played in good fun are really amazing for creating sweet and funny memories that last for a lifetime. There are a lot of pranks to pull on your friends, but if you want to play unique ones, it needs whole lot of creativity for actually crafting it. If you are feeling a little stale on the prank ideas front, you can consider the following pranks to pull on your friends.

Go Wild With These Five Easy Pranks to Pull on Friends

The Hole in Sand Prank:

Well, this is one prank which doesnai??i??t really require much of planning. Imagine you are on the beach with a friend, and your friend is lying down. Ask your friend to get something for you; and while he is gone, dig up a decent sized hole at the exact same place where your friend was sleeping on the towel. Once you are done making the hole, put everything back just the way it was. When your friend tries to sleep on the towel, he will go straight into the hole. If you can get this on video, it is all the more fun.

ai???Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai?? I-Bought-You-A-Gift-Prank:

Irrespective of the occasion, everybody loves receiving a gift. If your friend has been wishing for a gift for a long time, you can really pull a funny prank on this wish of theirs. For example, if he has been wanting a dog, drop a very vague hint to your friend that you might be considering getting him a dog. Then take a carton and neatly wrap it up. But hereai??i??s the catch: instead of putting a cute dog in the carton, arrange for a small kid to sit in the carton with a very scary mask on. When your friend opens the box enthusiastically, you will see your friendai??i??s surprise.

ai???Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai?? Give-Me-A-Break Prank:

At times, phone calls can be a total pain, especially when they are from random people. You can show your nasty side by pulling this prank. Make small placards with your friendai??i??s name, address and phone number. At the bottom, mention that it is a scientific study which deals with how many people will contact back. Tie each of these cards to a helium balloon. Once you release them, you know for sure that your friend will go crazy.

ai???Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai?? The-Hooking-Up-Prank:

This is one super fun prank. If your friend has a crush on someone and got his/her number, you can sneak your friendai??i??s phone and interchange the name of his/hers crushai??i??s phone number with that of another one. Simply put the phone back. Now you start your series of fun pranks. You can keep texting really funny things, and it gets all the more better if you arrange for a date for the next day. When your friend appears for the date, just imagine his/her reaction.

ai???Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai?? The-Poop-Prank:

This can be a really disgusting prank. Take some moist dog poo. Place this smelly thing in a nice plastic bag. To give that additional touch, neatly wrap it in a bag. Make sure that it looks almost bursting. Now leave this bag under your friendai??i??s car handle!


There are many pranks to pull on friends; but although these gigs can be very much fun, it is important that you should choose pranks that do not cause harm to others or would get you in trouble.

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