Scorpio Men and Love

There are twelve zodiac signs: the Scorpio is the eighth. Anyone born between October 22nd and November 21st is considered to be a Scorpio, which is a pure water sign. Scorpios are a complete mix of emotions, philosophies, and intellect. Scorpio men and love are two very delicate things. A Scorpio man is very generous and simply loves his life to the fullest. When in a relationship, Scorpio men can be very demanding, but they do make for very romantic partners.

The Relation Between a Scorpion Man and Love

The Scorpio is considered to be a very sensual sign. They have a very appealing mystery which attracts a lot of people.

When it comes to choosing his partner, a Scorpio man can be very choosy and selective. He has very high standards as he wants to be the best, have the best, and obviously would want to look for the best! For a Scorpio man to consider a woman as his partner, he would look for one who is intelligent, talented, beautiful, sporty and adventurous. His expectations are extremely high!

Lovemaking with a Scorpio man can be very passionate and lustful. His intensity and sensual nature can be very amazing. The best part about him is that he would be very considerate and affectionate. Seducing a Scorpio male can be very easy. However, he prefers a woman who is very sensitive and warm towards him and his feelings. This may be the only way to reach his heart and can also lead to a long term relationship. He will never forgive you if you play games with him.

Traits of a Scorpio Man in Love
Scorpio men are very passionate about everything in life including love. He will confess only when he believes that his feelings are genuine and finally decides that you are worthy to be his partner. He will want his lady to be very caring, supportive, loving and completely committed. This may seem like a lot; however, you would get the same thing from him in return.

Scorpio men are very loyal and dedicated. On a bleak note, they tend to be very jealous and possessive. They can be very curious about things and might even ask you about everything and anything. The sad part is he can be extremely moody.

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  1. Yeah! Truly right! These scorpio guys can do anything to have their gurls happy! And they are absolutely stunning!