Love Compatibility of Scorpio Man and Virgo Woman

Well, the Scorpio man and the Virgo woman make one great power couple and they also make a deadly combination. There is devotion, intensity and precision to each and every minutest detail, which in turn makes a very pleasant domestic partnership for both of them. Be it housekeeping, car maintenance or simply looking after the kids, they are just wonderful. Both the signs are quite proficient at their respective jobs.

Love Compatibility between Scorpio Man and Virgo Woman
Like they say, ai???opposites attractai??i??, the perfect example for this could be that of the Scorpio man and the Virgo woman. In spite of their huge differences, these signs tend to get close. During the initial stages, there can be seen a very strong attraction between both the signs. It is usually the gentle Virgo woman who would fall for the hypnotizing and charming Scorpio man. The Scorpio man is daring, adventurous and has a strong personality and this wonderful nature of his makes her get attracted to him like a magnet.

On the other hand, the organized and methodical behavior of the Virgo woman makes the passionate Scorpio man fall for her. Underneath their amazing exteriors, both these signs share quite a lot of similar traits. Both of them are reserved and shy and would mostly prefer solitude. Since the two of them are super intelligent, there is no end in sight for the topics they love to talk about. The talks can be endless!

The Virgo woman has a very decent knowledge that her Scorpio man is quite dominating and she would allow him to do all of it super happily. A Virgo woman makes a wonderful, reliable and supporting partner as her man is busy chasing his ambition.

Initially, lovemaking might seem a little complicated between the two signs and the Scorpio man can leave the Virgo woman quite breathless. The aggressive Scorpio man should slow his pace so that he can give ample time for the Virgo woman to open up. The moment the Virgo woman believes that the relationship is going steady she will gladly succumb to her Scorpio manai??i??s charms.

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