Why Are Married Women Attracted to Other Men?

One question that creeps into everyoneai??i??s mind is why married women are attracted to other men. Does marriage guarantee that the woman will no longer flirt with other guys? Does appreciating someone else amount to infidelity? Is the attraction natural? These questions do not have any concrete answers; however, the fact is that married women do become attracted to other men. The reasons for and conditions of the attraction vary greatly. Below are detailed a few common explanations as to why married women fall for other men.

Why Married Women Are Attracted to Other Men

  • She is not getting the kind of attention she expects from her husband.
  • The other man flatters her and gives her attention.
  • She feels trapped in the marriage.
  • She doesnai??i??t enjoy the company of her husband.
  • She has a great time with the other man.
  • The other man frees the woman of her insecurities.
  • She feels comfortable with the other man.
  • She finds the whole situation exciting.
  • There is no sexual chemistry between the woman and her husband.
  • There is strong sexual chemistry between the woman and the other man.
  • She gets a much-needed ego boost from the affair.
  • Flirting validates that she is still attractive and desirable.
  • The other man fulfills her emotional needs.
  • She doesnai??i??t find her spouse intellectually stimulating.
  • The married woman and the other man share common interests or hobbies.
  • She doesnai??i??t find her husband or marriage interesting.
  • She is getting revenge on her husband.
  • The attraction to someone else reminds her of her youth.
  • She enjoys flirting with men and thinks it is harmless.
  • She is depressed and cannot discuss her feelings with her husband.
  • She feels appreciated in the other manai??i??s company.
  • She is attracted to the other man.

Of course, these reasons are subjective and do not always apply.

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