Romantic Lines to Say to Your Boyfriend

Thinking about what romantic lines to say to your boyfriend? The best way to express your feeling is to be genuine about them. But sometimes words do not come easily and you need some help to put your emotions into words.

Romantic Lines to say to Your Boyfriend

  • I wonai??i??t die without you, but my life will not be so beautiful.
  • At night I gave a reason to each star why I love you. Everything was fine till I ran short of stars.
  • People say a picture says a thousand words, but when I look at yours I only see three words- I Love You.
  • I could hold you forever.
  • Why did I wait for so long to experience something that is so beautiful?
  • I want to grow old with you.
  • I could die a million times just to have a glimpse of that smile.
  • You rock my world.
  • I never knew what good I did to deserve you.
  • Just holding you makes me feel so great.
  • Meeting you is the best thing that has happened to me.
  • Donai??i??t you realize how much I love you?
  • Without you my life would not have been half as exciting as with you.
  • True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. I see you as my perfect man.
  • Love me when I least deserve it, because thatai??i??s when I really need it.
  • I love you and I am afraid to lose you.


  • Itai??i??s said when you love someone deeply it hurts. No wonder I am in pain.
  • You make me a better person.
  • For the first time, I feel like doing things for someone else.
  • You are the only man I want in the whole world.
  • I am most comfortable with you.
  • You are the only one I could rely on.
  • Thanks for making my life magical.
  • Since I met you, I havenai??i??t stopped smiling.

Say these romantic lines to your boyfriend and see him melt under that strong exterior.

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