Steps for Cleaning a White Leather Sofa

We know cleaning a white leather sofa can seem to be a Herculean task. It is heart-wrenching to see your white sofa become dirty. And yes, it looks extremely unsightly. But do not worry as a few simple steps will help you in cleaning your leather sofa effortlessly.

Steps for cleaning a white leather sofa

  1. Put Dove Milk Body Wash or Ivory soap on a damp, soft, clean cloth. Rub this cream on a small area of the sofa gently, in circular motion.
  2. Now rinse the soiled cleaning cloth and put the body wash or soap again.
  3. Rub it on the other smaller areas of the white couch. Repeat it till the entire sofa is cleaned.

Besides this, you can also mix a cup of salt water, two tablespoons baking soda and a teaspoon flour. Apply this paste on a cloth and rub it on the couch to clean it.

Tips for cleaning stains on a white leather sofa

  • To remove ugly stains, apply nail polish remover (non-acetate) and rub it over the stain gently.
  • Oxiclean paste can also be used for removing stubborn stains from leather furntiture.
  • Grease stains can be removed with by applying cornstarch or talcum powder on them. Wipe it off after the powder or starch settles on the grease.

Things to keep in mind while cleaning a white leather sofa

Some things should be kept in mind when you want to make your white leather couch clean.

  • Always check the cleaning product on an inconspicuous spot before applying it.
  • Never use water for cleaning, instead go for a damp cleaning cloth.
  • Donai??i??t forget to clean your leather furniture on occasion to avoid build-up and make it look new.


We hope these tips will assist you in getting back your leather sofa just the way you bought it – Spotless!

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