Top 10 Women Erogenous Zones

A female body is full of women erogenous zones. These areas have nerve endings that are highly sensitive to touch. The women erogenous zones can result into sexual response when stimulated by the partner. Usually these parts of the female anatomy remain undiscovered during intercourse. So, if you want to have an earth-shattering experience then know these women erogenous zones and teach your partner to explore them.

Top 10 Women Erogenous Zones



When stimulated properly, lips can become an erotic zone. Lips should be kissed using the partner’s lips, tongue, fingers and teeth. A passionate kiss can do wonders to a woman.


Beside saying sweet nothings in a woman’s ears, a man can lick the edges of the ear. Gentle nibble at the ear can turn on a woman.


One of the most sensitive parts of the female body, breathing on the neck can make a woman ready for the big show. Try to bite the neck.


Stroking the temples gently will relax your partner and make her ready for you. The area between the temple and the eye is very sensitive.

Inner thing:

Stroking the inner thigh of a woman can increase the passion. Blow air on the inner thigh.


The breast, particularly the nipple, is one the most sensitive women erogenous zones. Nipples have many nerve endings which make them sensitive. Circling around the nipple will make any woman ask for more.


The sight itself is enticing. Many women find any touch at the navel very ticklish. Stimulating the area with tongue and lips will send shivers down her spine.

Behind the knee:

Well, by far the most neglected part in the woman’s body is the area behind the knee. But do you know that this part is equally sensitive to touch and stimulation? So, run fingertips behind the knee.


You read it right, FEET. Massaging the feet and sucking the toes will definitely make her feel like a goddess.


As someone said that the sexiest part in the human body is between the ears. This holds true for women too. Love making is as much about the mental stimulation as it is about the physical one. So, don’t forget to mentally arouse her.

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