Personality Traits: Sagittarius Female Personality Traits

Sagittarius (November 23-December 21)

Positive characteristics- Sagittarius

The idiom Call a spade a spade was probably coined for a Sagittarius girl. This woman is brutally honest. She will speak her mind whenever possible (read: everytime). On the positive side, she will always tell you the truth. A Sagittarius girl is full of energy and life. It’s fun to be with her. She will be fiercely independent. A Sagittarian girl will be very friendly and probably have many friends from both the sexes. Chances are she will be bitten by the travel bug and pack her bags to go around the world (All by herself, of course!)

Unlike many of us, a Sagittarius woman will never have a impractical outlook about life. She sees the world the way it is. This girl is charming in a weird way. She is a special woman who can be misunderstood by many. Sagittarian girl is bright and sunny. You won’t find her in a depressive mood. Not that she doesn’t have her down days, it’s just that she comes out of it quite quickly. This girl is pretty unconventional in her behavior. She is a true idealist and will fight for her ideals. She doesn’t care about the diplomacy demanded by the society.

Negative characteristics- Sagittarius

So, where do we start? Her straightforward attitude can get her into a lot of trouble. At times, a Sagittarius woman can get too independent. Familial ties make her uncomfortable and she prefers to be aloof and alone. She is extravagant and can get a little careless with money. Sometimes, this girl can become restless with the monotonous life. Her naivety makes her vulnerable.

Sagittarius woman as a wife/lover- Sagittarius Female Personality Trait

Don’t expect a Sagittarius woman to be like a conventional girlfriend. Because she is not. She can’t handle any kind of emotional ties and matrimony is one of them. Since she is extremely independent, it will take her time to get adjusted to dependency. She feels she is equal to men, therefore, she will demand all the equal rights at home. She feels she wasn’t made for domesticity. She feels bored of it. She won’t take orders from anyone, not even her man. However, she will do things if you askA?ai??i??A? her to do them.

A true Sagittarian girl will come across as a tomboy but she can be deliciously feminine too. As mentioned earlier, this woman is a travel freak so it will take a lot of effort for her to settle down in marriage. She will be absolutely honest in her relationships. Her man can witness some fiery temper if she blows her lid off. Look at the brighter side, the man will get her undivided attention, loyalty and affection.

Sagittarius woman as a mother- Sagittarius Female Personality Trait

A Sagittarius mother will be more like a big sister to her children. They will have a whale of a time with their Sagittarian mom. She will be their buddy. She might spoil them by being a little lax. She will give her honest opinion to them. They will be taught to be truthful.

Famous Sagittarius women

Katherine Heigl- November 24, 1978
Bette Midler- December 1, 1945
Monica Seles- December 2, 1973
Tyra Banks- December 4, 1973
Sinead O’Connor- December 8, 1966
Emily Dickinson- December 10, 1830
Jennifer Connelly- December 12, 1970
Katie Holmes- December 18, 1978
Miley Cyrus- November 23, 1992
Amy Grant- November 25, 1960

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