Personality Traits: Scorpio Female Personality Traits

Scorpio (October 24- November 22)

Positive female characteristics- Scorpio

Have you ever met a woman with the most beautiful, hypnotic eyes? Chances are she is a Scorpio. A female Scorpio can charm anyone with her magical eyes. There’s something mysterious about her that makes her very appealing. People get drawn towards her. She is totally confident and in control. Scorpio woman is passionate in the true sense. There will never be a casual attitude for her. Whatever she does it will be with complete fervor. The same holds true for love and hate. She can make the best out of any situation. She has a mystical sixth sense which helps her understand people and circumstances. She is very intuitive. Basically, she will be a gentle woman, seldom aggressive. A Scorpio woman can be the most affectionate woman, if she wants to be. She will be a loyal friend and mate. This female will be honest and expects the same of her loved ones.

Negative female characteristics- Scorpio

Well, one thing that’s scary about Scorpios is that they will almost always take revenge. At times, she will be extremely secretive and won’t allow anyone to know her deepest secrets. However, she will try to penetrate deep inside other people’s personality and dissect their traits. This can be a little uncomfortable. Her brutal honesty can hurt a few people. She won’t accept any other point of view, except hers.

Scorpio female as a wife/lover- Scorpio female personality traits

A Scorpio female is a very special woman. A Scorpio woman will attract her man with her soft disposition, angelic voice and seductive gestures. She will gladly allow her man to dominate her. She will be very supportive of his dreams and career. She has no intentions of working after marriage. Her house will be fresh, beautiful and inviting. She will catch any kind of deception, so it’s no use cheating her. If she is hurt, she will retaliate. She can hate and love with equal passion. There will always be extreme emotions with her. There’s a part of her that she will never be exposed to anyone, not even her man. This woman will be truly loyal in her romantic relationships and marriage. And she desires the same attitude from her partner. She might have many platonic friends from the opposite sex.

Scorpio female as a mother- Scorpio female personality traits

She won’t act as a typical mother. Her affection and tenderness will not be demonstrated. However, she will totally devoted to her offsprings. Her children will be encouraged to excel in life. She will be a great counselor as she has an in-depth understanding of the human behavior. She can get over-protective for the children. It will be difficult for her to see her children’s negative traits.

Famous Scorpio women

George Eliot- November 22, 1819
Julia Roberts- October 28, 1967
Demi Moore- November 11, 1962
Jodie Foster- November 19, 1962
Marie Curie- November 7, 1867
Laura Bush- November 4, 1946
Scarlett Johansson- November 22, 1984
Whoopi Goldberg- November 13, 1955
Jamie Lee Curtis- November 22, 1958
Hillary Clinton- October 26, 1947

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