Personality Traits: What are the Pisces Female Personality Traits?

Pisces (February 20- March 20)

Positive characteristics- Pisces

Deep and mysterious, that’s what a Pisces girl is. One has to understand the mystery surrounding her. She is delightfully feminine and incredibly beautiful to be every man’s fantasy. She is soft and very womanly. She is not the typical 21st century woman, fighting for power. In fact, she will be quite happy to let someone dominate her. A Pisces woman is very sentimental. She can be adept at art. She is a bit of a dreamer. She will have vivid dreams for herself. People feel comfortable just being in her company. She gets adjusted to any situation gracefully. This girl is usually shy. You will never find her aggressive. She feels the men in her life- father, brother, boyfriend or husband- can fight the entire world. She constantly needs someone to protect her and love her. She is quite content and satisfied with herself. She has a soft corner for the underachievers.

Negative characteristics- Pisces

Sometimes a Pisces woman can get a little too clingy. She wants her man to tend to her constantly. She loves to be somewhat deceptive. She does not open up completely. This secrecy can be annoying at times. Lack of ambition will not allow her to use her talent and skills. She is unpredictable and has mood-swings. She is too sentimental to deal with the world all by herself.

Pisces woman as a wife/lover- Pisces Female Personality Trait

The man who marries a Pisces woman will feel himself lucky to have won a jackpot. She is feminine and beautiful. She will always look her best at a social gathering. She will never try to dominate her man. She expects her man to protect her from the big, bad world. No one will find her flirting with men at the party. She won’t come across as a strong woman. She doesn’t have lofty ambitions and will gladly give up her career for marriage. She constantly wants affection and care from her man. If a Pisces woman is hurt, she can go into long spells of depression. Her life will revolve around her man. She can get a tad too dependent on her man.

Pisces woman as a mother- Pisces Female Personality Trait

Although a Pisces female will love her children, her man will always be the center of her Universe. She can sacrifice to give the best to her children. She understands the shyness of boys and growing-up issues of girls effortlessly. Disciplining the children is not her cup of tea. She can become over-indulgent with her offsprings.

Famous Pisces women

Cindy Crawford- February 20, 1966
Jennifer Love Hewitt- February 21, 1979
Drew Barrymore- February 22, 1975
Elizabeth Taylor- February 27, 1932
Eva Herzigova- March 10, 1973
Ursula Andress- March 19, 1936
Kim Smith- March 3, 1983
Queen Latifah- March 18, 1970
Chelsea Clinton- February 27, 1980
Juliette Binoche- March 9, 1964

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