Personality Traits: Top 10 Personality Traits Men Look for In Women

Every woman wonders what personality traits men look for in women. Is it the physical beauty or the strong personality? Is it the feminine touch or the aggressive attitude? Is it sex or love? Well, the truth is that men want everything! I know thatai??i??s quite greedy on their part! However, there are a few qualities in a woman that would attract any man. This article presents the top 10 personality traits men look for in women.

Top 10 personality traits men look for in women

Physical beauty:

Men are visual creatures so physical beauty is important to them. Great body, good hair, beautiful smile, and hypnotic eyes do melt their hearts. I know thatai??i??s asking for too much, but donai??i??t we dream about Brad Pitt???

Feminine touch:

No man desires an Amazon warrior. The feminine touch is what makes us real women. Being feminine doesnai??i??t amount to being weak. It is about flaunting your womanhood.

Sense of humor:

A woman who can laugh at a silly joke or come up with the wittiest lines is an irresistible proposition for any man. Humor relaxes people and men are no different.

Strong personality:

Whether you are a Jennifer Aniston look alike or not, men will find you attractive if you have a strong personality.

Pro-active women:

Men find women who take the initiative a refreshing change. Awaken yourself to the 21st century and take action!!!


Nothing is as inviting as a confident woman. Confidence has nothing to do with physical appeal. Itai??i??s about being comfortable in your own skin.

Women who have a life:

Clingy women are a big turn off for guys. A woman who has her own life, ambitions, and principles will get extra brownie points from men.


A girl who is comfortable with herself and her sexuality is a major turn on for men. This makes men more comfortable.


Remember that nature made us more expressive than our bearded counterparts. Donai??i??t expect your man to understand all of your needs. You must therefore expressive yourself genuinely and clearly.

Being herself:

Men adore women who are not pretentious and manipulative. Honesty is one of the most important personality traits that men look for in women.

Of course, this top 10 list of personality traits that men look for in women is an entirely subjective opinion and changes with each individual.

3 responses to Personality Traits: Top 10 Personality Traits Men Look for In Women

  1. What the heck??? I thought this was a site listing the top personality traits that men find attractive in women, not about their physical, superficial appearance. Those aren’t personality traits. How the hell is physical beauty a personality trait??? This really shows how shallow men can be.

    • Dear Stephanie,
      I appreciate you taking out time and commenting on the article. You are correct that physical beauty is not a direct personality trait. However, personality is a complete package of physical, mental and emotional traits and cannot be separated. The article does not focus on the outward beauty only (only 1 out of 10 attributes is an external feature) And my dear Stephanie, calling men shallow just because they admire beautiful women would be like saying all the art aficionados are superficial because they like the beauty of Picasso’s paintings. Have a great day!!!

  2. Attractive: Caring about ones self enough to enhance/ highlight your more liked qualities- showing you take care of yourself in a positive way. *Everyone has something they don’t like about themselves. This self pride projects a positive self image (Women over the ages have perfected this art). Usually this means one cares enough about themselves with an end result attracts the opposite sex, including your husband through out your marriage. A confident, attractive, glowing woman who is comfortable in her own skin is sexy. All of which is an extension of ones inner personality, charm and charisma. Sexy is fun, even in a marriage. Being secure in your own convictions without being crass or bitter is sexy too.