What are the Characteristics of Bosses of Different Astrological Signs?

Does your boss remind you of a stint in jail? Or is he a darling? Well, astrological signs do influence the personality traits of an individual. Letai??i??s see the characteristics of bosses of different astrological signs, one by one.

Characteristics of bosses of different astrological signs:

Aries Boss (March 21- April 20):

Aries bosses are not popular among lazy employees. They are enthusiastic and full of energy. Aries bosses are generally magnanimous when it comes to salary appraisals and bonuses. Sincere flattery will also make them happy.

Taurus Boss (April 21- May 21):

The good thing about Taurus bosses is that they are extremely patient. However, when they lose their temper they resemble fiery bulls. They have a practical approach towards work and appreciate the same quality in others too. To win over Taurus bosses one needs to be practical and loyal.

Gemini Boss (May 22- June 21):

Itai??i??s difficult to judge Gemini bosses as they will be different personalities each day. These people are very intelligent and persuasive. They would want to make changes every now and then. This might confuse their employees.

Cancer Boss (June 22- July 23):

The first impression about Cancer bosses is that they are fun bosses. However, these people are grim and serious. They focus on only making money. They have a knack for minting money. They can get very strict.

Leo Boss (July 24- August 23):

Most Leo bosses are excellent organizers and leaders. They may seem bossy, arrogant and obnoxious on the outside. But on the inside lies their golden heart- ready to help anyone. They can show violent tempers but can cool down instantly.

Virgo Boss (August 24- September 23):

Virgo bosses cannot handle authoritative positions. They are depressed and uncomfortable when they have to lead a large team. They are perfectionists, and expect the same of everyone. They appreciate employees who are creative and aggressive; characteristics which they donai??i??t possess.

Libra Boss (September 24- October 23):

Libra bosses are fair, outgoing and communicative. They are just, and seldom take sides. They tend to argue and persuade people to act. They are usually attractive and popular among the opposite sex. They are quite indecisive and can take time to make decisions.

Scorpio Boss (October 24- November 22):

Scorpio bosses can somehow manage to get out the deepest secrets from their employees. However, their motives and plans are hidden from everyone. They can be sympathetic to the moods of people around them. Luckily, these people are surrounded by loyal and efficient people.

Sagittarius Boss (November 23- December 21):

The erratic behavior of Sagittarius bosses will confuse their employees. They are enthusiastic and love action. Sometimes, these people can be downright rude and critical. However, they can be good at boosting morale too. When dealing with a Sagittarius boss be logical, and forget your emotions.

Capricorn Boss (December 22- January 20):

A Capricorn boss is highly efficient and expects others to be the same. They tend to get a bit over-involved at work. They insist on being fair and obedient. They might be stern at times.

Aquarius Boss (January 21- February 19):

Itai??i??s rare to find an Aquarian boss. As most Aquarians find a routine life boring. They are highly unpredictable and eccentric. These people are idealistic.

Pisces Boss (February 20- March 20):

Most of the Pisces people prefer to work alone. They hate to take responsibilities. They can win people with their words. They are quite imaginative and creative and can be a tad partial to creative people. They are seldom hard task-masters.

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