Personality traits: What are the Virgo Female Personality Traits?

Virgo (August 23-September 24)

Positive personality traits- Virgo

Remember John Keats telling us Beauty is truth, truth beautyA?ai??i??A?? Well, a Virgo woman chants it everyday. For her truth is indeed beautiful. She is as strong as an ox. She can face any situation without even batting an eyelid. She holds love in the highest place and can do anything for true love. Once she makes up her mind, she won’t budge. A Virgo woman can go against the entire world if she feels she is right. Most of the times, she is. Basically a shy woman, a Virgo female can be bold if the situation demands. She doesn’t need a man to take care of her. She takes care of herself. She is very practical and down-to-earth. She will seldom be a spendthrift. She will be pretty good at managing her finances and not to forget, her man’s too. A Virgo girl is very meticulous about everything. This girl has a clear thinking and usually knows what she wants. Virgos hate hypocrisy. She can be hard-core romantic and a true-blue practical at the same time (Quite a contradiction!)

Negative personality traits- Virgo

This woman is a perfectionist and expects perfection of everyone. She can never take criticism. It will take a lot to prove to her that she is wrong. She won’t accept her mistakes easily. If she feels that the marriage is not working, she can break the ties without shedding a tear. Sometimes, a Virgo woman can become too practical in the matters of heart.

Virgo woman as a wife/lover- Virgo female personality trait

She is a true woman. Her house will be full of sweet fragrance and beauty. She will take care of every need of her man. She will attend to her man when he falls sick. Feed him delicious food when he is hungry. Help her man in his professional and financial matters. Lucky him, right? All he has to do is to polish his manners and be a perfect man. (Asking for too much?) This woman has such clarity of vision that it’s difficult for anyone to sway her from her decisions. She will be a loyal companion if she feels she has found true love. And she won’t hesitate to call it quits, if she meets her real soul-mate out of wedlock. She can get critical of her man.

Virgo woman as a mother- Virgo female personality trait

Motherhood is not her first priority. Although, when the children are born, she will take good care of them. A Virgo mother will satisfy the physical, emotional, educational and moral needs of her kids. She won’t be a fun mom. However, she will do a good job of teaching the little ones the importance of discipline and character.

Famous Virgo women

Greta Garbo- September 18, 1905
Mother Teresa- August 26, 1910
Queen Elizabeth I- September 7, 1533
Agatha Christie- September 15, 1890
Beyonce Knowles- September 4, 1981
Cameron Diaz- August 30, 1972
Sophia Loren- September 20, 1934
Gloria Estefan- September 1, 1957
Salma Hayek- September 2, 1966
Shania Twain- August 28, 1965

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