Personality Traits: What are the Libra Female Personality Traits?

Libra (September 24 – October 23)

Positive personality trait- Libra

As they say, there’s a bit of man in a woman and woman in every man. Well, this holds true for a Libra girl. She can be as feminine as Goddess Venus herself, one moment and turn masculine, the other. This woman is clever and witty. Her sharp intellect can floor anyone. She is fair in her judgments. She will take her own time to deliver just and impartial decision. She loves to debate on any given topic. And most of the times she’ll beat her opponent. The best part is she will accept other’s views if she is convinced. She will give you an honest point of view. However, she will do it in a diplomatic way. She will never bring emotions in the practical aspect of life. A Libra woman is very analytical and can analyze situations and people quite aptly. These girls are absolutely career-oriented and will usually work before and after marriage. She hates to be alone. Teamwork is her forte.

Negative personality trait- Libra

A Libra woman takes a lot of time in taking a decision. She will be ready to argue at a drop of a hat. This girl can go overboard with her ideals and the need to be fair. She might be too talkative at times.

Libra woman as a wife/lover- Libra Female Personality Trait

A Libra woman is a total romantic to the core. She will love, cherish and honor her man. She will gladly allow him to dominate her. She will take care of him. And all this will be done with graceful charm and famous Venus smile. Being suspicious is not her nature. She will never try to invade your privacy. She loves her freedom and expects her man to respect it too. She might splurge on expensive perfumes, chic clothes and classic music. She will be a true companion in crisis. Her man is her first priority in life. Of course, there will be too many arguments to be won with a Libra female. Most of the times she will do the talking. She is highly intellectual and her man has to match up to it. This woman can win anyone’s heart with her dimpled smile and pleasing manners. A Libra woman’s man has the prettiest female by his side when he goes to a party and the smartest friend when he is in any kind of trouble. (What luck!)

Libra woman as a mother- Libra Female Personality Trait

She will be fair with her children too. They will be loved and cared for. She will teach her kids to obey and be just in life. They will grow up to be sweet and polite just like their mom. However, her man will still be the most important person in her life.

Famous Libra women

Julie Andrews- October 1, 1935
Brigitte Bardot- September 28, 1934)
Catherine Zeta Jones- September 25, 1969
Eleanor Roosevelt- October 11, 1884
Hilary Duff- September 28, 1987
Gwyneth Paltrow- September 27, 1972
Jackie Collins- October 4, 1937
Kate Winslet- October 5, 1975
Margaret Thatcher- October 13, 1925
Martina Navratilova- October 18, 1956

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