Personality Traits: What are the Cancer Female Personality Traits?

Cancer (June 22- July 23)

Positive personality traits- Cancer

A Cancer woman is like the Moon. Soft, serene, cool yet capable of producing some nasty tides. A typical Cancer girl will be very sentimental. She treasures almost everything from her past. She can cry over anything and everything. She is tender and gentle to her loved ones. Her deepest emotions can be experienced by only the blessed few. She can be shy, modest and a little conservative. This girl has oodles of patience and she uses it quite generously.

She is the kind of girl whom any man would like to protect. Cancer woman has a gifted imagination. Chances are she’ll be artistic and creative. She might love poetry. She loves to save for the rainy day. She will seldom create a scene with her fiery temper. She keeps it under control. She will be very close to her mother and won’t tolerate anyone ridiculing her mom.

Negative personality traits- Cancer

This gentle woman hates to be criticized. She can’t stand being ridiculed and rejected. So,she will never make the first move. She can be a little stingy with money. At times, a Cancer woman can smother you with excessive dosage of affection. She might get sticky and that can be quite annoying. Cancers love to keep secrets and she will be no exception. Don’t ever expect her to play Truth or DareA?ai??i??A? with you. She will never confess. She can be quite touchy sometimes. She is full of insecurities.

Cancer woman as a wife/lover- Cancer female personality traits

When a Cancer woman is in love, she is truly in love. She will literally worship her man. She will be a mother to him, spoiling him silly. At the same time, she expects her man to pamper her. She will cry like a baby and fuss over insignificant things. And the man has to mollycoddle her. Look at the bright side, she is a great cook. Her culinary skills will be unmatched. She will love her man and even obey every word he says. Hard to find such devotion these days, right?

When she is hurt, she will retreat to her tough crab shell and it’s difficult to bring her back to this world. A Cancer girl is never secure about herself. She needs to be constantly appreciated and complimented. Her man doesn’t have to worry about the money, she is very deligent with the finances. Commitment is her middle name. She will be extremely loyal to her man till she lives.

Cancer woman as a mother- Cancer female personality traits

Maternal instincts come naturally to this July girl. She will truly take care of her little ones. She will be by their side when they need her. They will always feel secure and loved. However, sometimes she can get over-protective with her children. Her kids will be the center of her world.

Famous Cancer women

Meryl Streep- June 22, 1949
Cyndi Lauper- June 22, 1953
Princess Diana- July 1, 1961
Camilla Parker- July 17, 1947
Helen Keller- June 27, 1880
Lindsay Lohan- July 2, 1986
Nancy Reagan- July 6, 1921
Pamela Anderson- July 1, 1967
Jessica Simpson- July 10, 1980
Liv Tyler- July 1, 1977

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