Twenty Romantic Gestures Your Man Will Love

So, you want your man to treat you royally. You want him to bring you flowers, take you to exotic places, and floor you with thoughtful romantic gestures. Hold your horses, girl!

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Are you returning similar favors to your man? Or do you think that men donai??i??t need or want romantic gestures? Sorry to burst your bubble, darling! Men need this sort of attention as much as women do. Below are some romantic gestures to make your man go weak in his knees.

Twenty romantic gestures your man will love

  • Everyday tell him one thing you love about him.
  • Always end your fights or arguments with, ai???I still love you.ai???
  • Enjoy TV with him while watching his favorite channel. (Donai??i??t touch the remote!)
  • Arrange for a romantic weekend getaway and surprise him.
  • Stick love-notes in places he will notice them.
  • Send him raunchy or passionate text messages.
  • Call him in the middle of the day just to thank him for being there for you.
  • Give him a massage after a long, tiring day.
  • Always acknowledge his thoughtful acts.
  • Play footsie in a public place.
  • Cook his favorite meal.
  • Write him a love poem.
  • Make a list of reasons why you love him.
  • Send a ai???Thank Youai??? card to his parents for giving him to you.
  • Surprise him with two tickets to his favorite sporting event, and genuinely enjoy the game.
  • Collect things from all of the places you visit as a couple and make a gift for him.
  • Organize a guysai??i?? night out for him and his friends. (You can go for a girlsai??i?? night out yourself.)
  • Cuddle up, and watch his favorite movie, even if it is Godzilla.
  • Tell him often that he is sexy.
  • Serenade him. (It doesnai??i??t matter if you are not Shania Twain.)

These simple romantic gestures will surely keep the fire hot in your relationship.

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