Nosy Friends: How to Handle Nosy Friends?

We know the term ai???nosy friendsai??? seems to be a contradiction. Nonetheless, they do exist. Such friends ask too many personal questions. They want to know the minutest details of your movements. They give you unsolicited advice. Such friends just donai??i??t seem to understand when to stop intruding into your life. This can be quite annoying for you. How do you deal with such a situation? There are a few tips that you can follow to handle nosy friends.

How to handle nosy friends?

Change the subject:

In case someone asks a question you donai??i??t intend to answer, just change the subject and hope that the person will get the message.

Lay down the rules:

Strictly demarcate how much is too much. Tell your friend politely what kind of questions you find acceptable and what makes you uncomfortable. This will help you handle nosy friends effectively.

Silence is golden:

If you donai??i??t want to answer an intruding question, remain silent and smile.

Be stern:

Tell assertively, but not aggressively, that you donai??i??t like giving personal information to anyone, not even your friends.

Avoid gossiping:

One reason why people are interested in your life is because they want to gossip. Therefore, donai??i??t indulge in such gossip sessions (reminds you of Desperate Housewives???).


Thanks but no thanks:

In case of unsolicited advice, graciously tell your friend that while you appreciate the concern, you would like to deal with the situation yourself.

Express yourself:

If the intrusion is getting on your nerves, express yourself in clear words. No, you are not being rude. You are just being upfront about it.

Your good friend will always know when to stop. Donai??i??t worry about the rest of the lot.

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