Menstrual Odor: How to Get Rid of Menstrual Odor?

Menstrual odor can be a matter of concern for many women. That rotten fish odor during your periods can be somewhat…embarrassing. Relax, the odor is more obvious to you than to others. This smell through your period is actually completely normal! So, thereai??i??s no need to panic. However, there are a few steps that can help you get rid of menstrual odor. Beat the stink!

Tips to get rid of menstrual odor:

Change frequently:

It is advisable to change your tampons or sanitary pads as often as possible during heavy flow. It will prevent infection and keep you fresh. The number of changes depends on the flow.

Use pads:

In addition to the tampons, you can use a sanitary pad to arrest the foul smell. This will help you get rid of menstrual odor effectively.

No to fragrance:

No matter what, donai??i??t use fragrance or powder down there. It might lead to an infection.

Say yes to cotton:

Switch to cotton panties;dump the pantyhose, nylons and synthetics. Wear comfortable and breathable fabrics to deal with menstrual odor.

Keep it clean:

Needless to say, wash the vaginal area with warm water and medicated perineal wash. Clean the area from front to back and not vice versa. Donai??i??t forget to wash the region after urinating.

Consult a doc:

If the odor is unbearable, chances are there might be an underlying problem. Consult a doctor to rule out any other medical condition.


Keep the vaginal area free from the pubic hair. Sometimes the blood gets trapped in the hair and might begin to smell.

Yogurt all the way:

Include yogurt in your diet. Yogurt consists of lactobacilli, which helps in maintaining healthy vaginal region.

Donai??i??t be ashamed of your monthly cycle, instead get rid of the menstrual odor.

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