Personality Traits: What are the Gemini Female Personality Traits?

Gemini (May 22-June 21)

Positive characteristics- Gemini

The most striking trait in a Gemini female’s personality is her multiple personality. She will never be the same today as she was yesterday. And tomorrow is yet another day. She is smart, witty and very amusing. She can be cold one moment and warm the other. Chances are she is a travel buff. Traveling gives her ample opportunity to discover a variety of things. She is a true-blooded romantic. Romance gives her a chance to express herself honestly. Don’t underestimate her intellect. She can floor anyone with her intellectual conversations. She enjoys outdoor activities more than the indoor ones. Dull household chores will dampen her enthusiasm. She has to have a career. She can be quite popular among the opposite sex. A Gemini girl can be quite a creative person.

Negative characteristics- Gemini

She can get disinterested very easily. She can criticize blatantly on the face. She is full of sarcastic remarks. It is difficult for her to settle down in life. At times, she can be heartless and indifferent. Her mind is always wandering.This makes her extremely restless. She can be quite brutally frank about her opinions. Her moods change before one could say Jack Robinson.

Gemini female as a wife/lover- Gemini female personality trait

A man who marries a Gemini will live with a different woman each day. A Gemini wife will have multiple personalities to amuse any man. Her vivacious personality can win many hearts. Don’t expect her not to get impressed by various men. She will find something incredible in every man she meets. It is difficult to tie her down with the strings of matrimony. A Gemini woman will never waste her time too much on broken relationships. She embraces changes with a lot of ease. She craves for romance and love as much as any woman does. She will appreciate your little gestures of affection. She will be a great hostess, entertaining her guests with her amusing talks. Jealousy is not in her nature and she expects the same of her man. Her mood swings can startle her partner a bit. She will share her desires, dreams and hopes with her man. Only a lucky man can spend his entire life with this lively companion.

Gemini female as a mother- Gemini female personality trait

A Gemini mom will not be a bundle of sentiments. She will adore her children. However, she won’t mollycoddle them. Just as in marriage, she will take time to get accustomed to motherhood. But once she does, she will be a fun mom. She will almost always catch their lie or schemes. Poor kids won’t be able to outsmart their Gemini mommy.

Famous Gemini Women

Angelina Jolie- June 4, 1975
Anna Kournikova- June 7, 1981
Barbara Bush- June 8, 1925
Brooke Shields- May 31, 1965
Marilyn Monroe- June 1, 1926
Helen Hunt- June 15, 1963
Venus Williams- June 17, 1980
Naomi Campbell- May 22, 1970
Nicole Kidman- June 20, 1967
Heidi Klum- June 1, 1973

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