Courtship: Is Courtship Before Marriage Necessary?

Letai??i??s start with the most important point in courting. Courtship before marriage is not just dating. It is a period when two people, who have agreed to get married, spend time getting to know each other. Whereas dating is merely having fun with another person, without any long-term intentions. In courtship, the couple try to figure out whether marriage is a good option. The couple are either engaged or contemplating marriage. It makes the relationship public. Therefore, courtship before marriage is necessary.

Why is courtship before marriage important?

  • As both partners may be from different backgrounds, this period gives them time to adjust.
  • It is a good time to get to know each otherai??i??s likes and dislikes.
  • One can establish communication to strengthen the relationship.
  • Both partners can understand the aims and ambitions of the other.
  • Personality adjustments can take place during courtship.
  • Unlike dating, the couple can think about the future more seriously.
  • In courtship, people usually take practical decisions, not romantic ones.
  • It is an opportunity to exactly confirm what you want from your partner.
  • It gives an insight into the life of the prospective partner.
  • It makes you comfortable with each other.
  • Courtship before marriage shows how both partners may tackle arguments in their married life.
  • In case of any incompatibility, it is easier to break an engagement off than to end a marriage.
  • If the relationship doesnai??i??t work out, the family members of both partners are spared the divorce turmoil.

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