Personality Traits: What are the Taurus Female Personality Traits?

Taurus (April 21 – May 21)

Positive personality traits -Taurus

Taurus woman is a tall woman, if not literally then at least figuratively. She can face any situation that life throws at her. A Taurus female is a tower of courage. She has moral as well as emotional strength. She will be as cool, calm and composed. She will never be judgmental about people and take them as they are. If you have a Taurus friend, consider yourself lucky. She will be a perfect, loyal friend. She will be by your side through thick and thin. Her balanced composure will always be in control. She is a practical thinker and doesn’t live in a dreamworld. She will never let emotions interfere in the practical world. A Taurus female has a penchant for art and music.Taurus girls seldom go for degrees, they go for the practical usage of education.

Negative personality traits-Taurus

Heaven save you if you happen to provoke a Taurus woman. She may not lose her temper easily but when she does, you may be reminded of Milton’s Paradise Lost. She can be emotionally very demanding in relationships. She hates to be contradicted in public. She will enjoy all the beautiful and grand things in life, therefore, it will be quite a challenge courting her. She can be extremely stubborn at times.

Taurus female as a wife/lover- Taurus female personality trait

A Taurus woman will be a secure lover. She won’t get jealous if her man praises another woman or flirts with that hot chick at the club. She will take all such harmless acts in her stride. However, she expects devout loyalty from her partner. She will return the favor equally. She will keep her home sparkling clean and inviting. You can expect an exquisite and colorful ambiance when a Taurus woman is around. She can be an excellent cook and can whip up a feast for her man. She can get a little fussy about her surroundings. She will support and advice her mate in the professional front. She will never whine or complain to her husband. She can be strong enough to find her way out of any problem. Beneath that tough front lies a sensitive heart too.

Taurus female as a mother- Taurus female personality trait

Motherhood comes naturally to a Taurus woman. She will cuddle her little ones and shower affection at them. However, she will be a strict disciplinarian. Her children will learn to be active, well-behaved and obedient. She won’t tolerate sloppy behavior or untidy rooms. She will display her fiery bull temper if her children don’t behave as per her expectations.

Famous Taurus Females

Jessica Lange- April 20, 1949
Renee Zellweger- April 25, 1969
Audrey Hepburn- May 4, 1929
Katharine Hepburn- May 12, 1907
Cher- May 20, 1946
Florence Nightingale- May 12, 1820
Michelle Pfeiffer- April 29, 1958
Uma Thurman- April 29, 1970
Barbra Streisand- April 24, 1942
Catherine, the great- May 2, 1729

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