Does Acupressure Treatment Cure PCOS?

What is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)?
Polycystic ovary syndrome is a common endocrine disorder. According to the statistics, around 7,341,385 cases of PCOS were reported in the United States of America. So, you are not alone! The common symptoms of PCOS are weight gain, irregular menstrual periods, hair loss, acne, etc. The treatments available to cure PCOS are medication, exercise, diet plan, etc. An alternative treatment for PCOS is acupressure treatment.

What is Acupressure Treatment?
Acupressure treatment is an alternative treatment where pressure is applied on the acupuncture points by an elbow, hand, or other device. It is practiced in traditional Chinese medicine. Acupressure treatment works on the principal that energy, called Q, flows through the 14 main meridians or pathways in the body. Any kind of blockage of energy in these meridians leads to disorder. In acupressure treatment, pressure is given to these points to stimulate the flow of the energy. This improves the functioning of the organs and strengthens the natural healing system.

Acupressure Treatment for PCOS
Acupressure treatment might not treat PCOS completely. However, it can provide relief to the women suffering from PCOS as well as reduce the feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression which are observed in the PCOS patients. Some acupressure points related to the uterus and ovaries are:

  • crease of the arm
  • below the navel
  • inner anklebone
  • back of the shinbone
  • bottom of the kneecap

A word of caution
Acupressure treatment should not be considered:

  • If one has a heart problem.
  • If one is pregnant.
  • If the acupressure point is injured or bruised.

Acupressure should not be the only treatment to be undertaken. It should be complemented with other medication and therapies. Consult your doctor before starting treatment.

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