What is Hypomenorrhea?

Hypomenorrhea is the condition in which the flow of blood during the menstrual period is extremely low. Sometimes there are scanty periods or spotting. There are various reasons for this condition. One major reason is Ashermanai??i??s syndrome.

Causes for Hypomenorrhea:
Some causes of hypomenorrhea include:

  • Uterine:
    Some women have smaller bleeding surface than normal. But this condition is rare in women. Presence of this condition indicates uterine hypoplasia which is caused due to hormonal imbalances.
  • Constitutional:
    Some women are prone to having less bleeding during their menstrual period. This may be due to some genetic reason. For instance, if your mother suffered from a similar condition, you have an increased risk of being prone to the same condition.
  • Hormonal:
    Scanty periods are normal when a woman has achieved the peak of her reproductive life, or just at the time of puberty, or just before menopause. This condition appears specifically at these times only because ovulation at this stage is irregular, moreover the endometrial lining has not developed fully. Apart from this, higher levels of androgen, low levels of thyroid, high levels of insulin and prolactin can also cause the condition.
  • Use of Contraceptives for a Long Time:
    Using Contraceptive pills for a longer duration can also result in scanty periods.
  • Emotional and Nervous Reasons:
    Sometimes excessive stress can also result in the development of hypomenorrhoea.
  • Other Reasons:
    Other reasons why this condition appears include crash diets and heavy exercise.

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  1. what is the cause if there is 2ry hypomenorrhea

    and how calculate the amount if 30 ml or not ????

    little amount of brown discarge is considered what??

  2. Hi i'm 20 years old and my periods were always on time and with normal bleeding but last month my bleeding only took one day and this month is very low.I'm not married and also don't have sex.I'm worried about the decrease of my bleeding