Top 15 Ways Not to Be a Nag

Women can face problems in their marriages because they turn out to be nag. It is understandable that men often make them that way, but nevertheless, a nagging woman is not well received by her husband. He will avoid her, seek the company of other women, and if situation gets worse, might go in for a divorce. Obviously, no woman would like her marriage to fall apart. In order avoid such a result, a wife should find ways to please her husband, sweet-talk him, and make him feel comfortable. In other words, she cannot afford to be a nag.

How to Avoid Being a Nag

  • Try to feel secure in your relationship. Any misunderstandings can be sorted out, and you should spend quality time with your husband. Make him feel that you care for him. He will reciprocate similar feelings.
  • Do not be overly suspicious. Assuming things can just mar a relationship.
  • Give more freedom to your husband. Respect his time and allow him to be on his own for a while. Let him spend time the way he wants.
  • Control your outbursts. You need not get angry over issues. You can discuss and sort them out in a more amicable manner.
  • Build up trust. Both the partners should trust in each other.
  • Share the responsibility of bringing up the children, thereby reducing the pressure on you.
  • Try to mend your habits to suit the likes and dislikes of your husband.
  • Convey your criticisms in a gentle way.
  • Do not seek attention through nagging.
  • Try to understand the cause of your nagging.
  • Do not expect all your problems to be solved.
  • Try to focus on your own problems and work on them.
  • Do not force your decisions on your husband.
  • Praise your husband for anything nice he may have done for you.
  • Relax and indulge yourself so that your moods improve.

Stop being a nag and save your marriage. Be understanding and try to appreciate your husbandai??i??s point of view also. Remember your courtship days and try to relive those again.

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