How to Reject a Proposal of Love

When a man expresses his feelings to you or even proposes, never forget to be sensitive to his feelings.Ai?? Whether you return his love or not, always be kind.Ai?? You may one day face rejection as well.Ai?? So, treat him with caring and compassion when rejecting his proposal.Ai?? By their nature, these are emotional situations, so it is important to remain as calm as possible.Ai?? And always follow the Golden Rule.Ai?? Treat others the way you would like to be treated in the same situation.

Follow These Tips to Reject a Proposal of Love with Compassion:

  • Realize that it takes courage for him to offer you his heart.Ai?? Let him know that it makes you feel special to know how much he cares for you.
  • If he proposes through a letter, always send a reply.Ai?? Whether you are rejecting or accepting the manai??i??s proposal, donai??i??t leave him wondering
  • Never take his feeling for granted and give him false hopes. In short, if you donai??i??t have feelings for him, donai??i??t lead him on.
  • No one likes to be rejected.Ai?? It is very difficult to put your pride on the line and risk your rejection.Ai?? So, respect his feelings and take his proposal seriously.
  • Your rejection is a blow to his self-esteem and can be humiliating.Ai?? Always let him know that he deserves someone who loves him in return.
  • If you are already involved with someone else, let him know.Ai?? You must be open about your feelings.
  • If he is unable to accept your decision and treating you badly, cut off contact.Ai?? If necessary, get one of your friends or relatives to explain to him that your feelings simply donai??i??t match his and you canai??i??t be with him.
  • Never highlight his negativities when rejecting him. Instead, boost his confidence and let him know that you believe he is kind and brave and will find the person he is meant to be with.
  • Let him know that if he is open to it, you would like to remain friends.Ai?? Tell him how much you value your relationship and that you donai??i??t want to lose his friendship even though a deeper relationship didnai??i??t work out.

Remember that it takes a lot of courage for a man to propose.Ai?? And, it is very special that you are the woman he has chosen.Ai?? Even if you donai??i??t return his feelings, respect the fact that he has given his heart to you.Ai?? Ai??Be calm, patient, and understanding.Ai?? And, most importantly, be true to your feelings and everything will gradually fall in place.

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  1. Good write up and valuable suggestion to the rejectors. I am a male comes here to see how easy to reject. now it helps.

  2. wow..gud suggestion